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  • The core capabilities at Heraeus Sensor Technology are in development, production and in the international marketing of primarily customised components in platinum thin-film technology. This includes annually many millions of Pt sensors for temperature and flow measurement as well as multi-sensor platforms. The latter are used by other manufacturers as a basis for gas and humidity measurement, but also for analytical techniques in aqueous media, for example for medical technology and biotechnology.
Product Portfolio
  • Sensor Elements

  • Every year many millions of temperature sensors, produced in platinum thin-film technology, leave Heraeus Sensor Technology's factory. Depending on the field of application four main groups are available; for cryogenic (from -196°C), low (up to +400°C), medium (up to +600°C) and high (up to +1000°C ) measurement temperatures temperature sensors. Versions with resistance values of 100, 200, 500, 1,000 and 10,000 ohm are available.

    The chemical stability of initial materials, their tested purity and homogeneity, provide an important foundation for the well-known long-term stability and the reproducibility of the measurements over thousands of measurement cycles.

    Special glazes from Heraeus Sensor Technology almost completely eliminate effects due to moisture, climatic or other ambient influences. The product group of wire-lead temperature sensor elements also includes particularly narrow types of sensor for mounting in protective tubes with a small internal diameter.

    This also applies to sensors with connection leads for the substitution of conventional, wound Pt temperature probes by current versions of the HD and HA series in thin-film technology. The wide knowledge base of Heraeus Sensor Technology is available any time to the company's customers in the development of customer-specific special versions.
    • Sensor Components

    • Heraeus Sensor Technology develops, manufactures and markets products whose function is based on structured thin films of platinum (Pt). With such an orientation the company is intentionally positioning itself at the start of the added value chain, i.e. the manufacture of components.

      The customers of Heraeus Sensor Technology are generally manufacturers of equipment for process measurement technology, the life science sector, the complete bandwidth of heating, ventilation and air conditioning, or subcontractors for mass markets such as household appliances and motor vehicles, just to name a few as examples.

      Since nothing can be better or more reliable than the sum of its parts, Heraeus Sensor Technology today leads the world market for long lasting Pt temperature sensors in thin-film technology for accurate and reproducible measurements. The reason for the market leadership is not only the control of material properties and coating processes, but also of production processes with reliable process management and well-conceived quality assurance with a high throughput.

      Apart from some millions of temperature sensors, with its expertise in Pt thin-film technology, Heraeus Sensor Technology also manufactures gas-mass flow sensors for exhaust gas recirculation systems and platforms for the construction of multi-sensor systems. In this respect the company philosophy is to always develop new product variants together with customers and end users and to master the associated tasks for widening the knowledge base.
      • Sensor Solutions

      • Heraeus Sensor Technology always works closely with its customers. The extensive expertise from development though to the large-scale production of structured, thin platinum films already bears fruit for the customer during the product definition and also has an effect long after large-scale production has started.

        This company philosophy is reflected in a range of products for completely tangible applications, which have been employed in large quantities for years. Through the principle of continuous improvement, the processes are further optimised in consultation with the customers even after the start of large-scale production, so that currently achievable levels of quality and costs become available.

        Examples of this are temperature sensors for installation in ovens and hotplates, in engine-oil condition sensors subject to strong vibrations, in diesel exhaust treatment systems, in calorimetric measurement instruments or also in resistance thermometers for the process industry.

        Apart from temperature sensors Heraeus Sensor Technology manufactures customer-specifically designed platforms with sensors, heating elements and other customised meander structures of thin platinum films which are employed by the users as the basis for the manufacture of their own gas sensors.
        • Sensor Modules

        • The core capability at Heraeus Sensor Technology is the manufacture of structured, thin platinum films. The product spectrum however extends well beyond the manufacture of classical Pt temperature sensors.

          Sensor modules are multi-functionally constructed foundation modules based on platinum thin-film technology. They consist, for example, of sensor/heater combinations and application-specific structured electrodes. Sensitive layers can be applied to the electrodes by the customer. Through the application of metal oxides, for example, multi-sensor platforms become gas sensors with which concentrations of oxygen, carbon monoxide, nitrogen or methane can be detected down to the ppm range. Apart from the typical applications in gas and humidity measurement, analytical techniques in aqueous media, for example for medical technology or biotechnology, are conceivable.

          Heraeus Sensor Technology produces multi-sensor platforms with customer-specifically designed Pt structures for sensors, heaters or electrodes in mono- or multi-layer versions. Within the scope of common product developments, the company is pleased to make its own expertise regarding coating, structuring and large-scale production available to its customers.
          • Automotive Industry; Household Appliances; Process Technology; ...

          • Pt sensors made by Heraeus Sensor Technology stand for quality, precision and long-term stability. They perform a great variety of tasks in the Automotive Industry, the Household Appliances Industry, the Process Technology, in Heating - Ventilation - Air Conditioning, as well as in Life Sciences and Electronics. Their major task, of course, is the precise temperature recording. However, Pt sensors made by Heraeus Sensor-Nite are also used for flow, voltage, wear and level measurements as well as for leakage detection.

            Heraeus Sensor Technology offers a broad product portfolio. It comprises elementary sensors as well as individually enclosed special systems. The standard program includes sensors, which measure the temperature in gases, fluids and solids in a range from -196°C to +1.000°C up to an accuracy of ±1,5%. The product program is rounded off by individual solutions, developed in cooperation with our customers.
              • Automotive Industry

              • The continually growing use of electronics is today the foundation for more reliability, better safety ...
              • Household Appliances

              • Here, there is plenty of scope for objective co-operation in product and cost optimisation ...
              • Process Technology

              • The most important measurement quantity in chemical engineering is temperature. The quality of the end products ...
              • Heating - Ventilation - Air Conditioning

              • In times of increasing energy prices the distribution of heating costs is a delicate subject. ...
              • Life Sciences

              • Users in biotechnology, pharmacy and medical technology employ Pt temperature sensors ...
              • Electronics

              • Temperature measurements in high quality electronic modules for industrial or laboratory applications ...