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  • Automation products:
    Panasonic automation products mean "one-stop shopping" for machine and factory as well as building automation. This begins with programmable logic controls, process visualization and IT technologies as well as user-friendly software used for programming or parameterization. These systems are complemented by motion control solutions, sensors, machine vision and laser marking systems, code readers and other factory automation components.

    The main target markets for components include the automotive industry, factory and building automation, measurement and safety engineering, as well as the photovoltaic branch and technologies for renewable energy. In this respect, we provide electromechanical relays, PhotoMOS and solid-state relays, precision connectors and micro switches as well as built-in sensors for a wide array of applications.
Product Portfolio
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      • Industrial Solutions

        • Solutions

            • Automotive Devices

                • Applications

                • Highly reliable components that have a proven track record when it comes to safety, power train control, comfort and other innovative solutions.
                • Lineup

                • Contributing to the ever increasing need for versatility and innovation in car electronics, our lineup of automotive components excels on quality, cost and space savings.
                • Technologies

                • In all areas driven by technology, e.g. production, engineering, quality assurance and fundamental research, we are exerting tremendous effort. It is paramount for us that our customers receive state-of-the-art products of superior quality and reliability.
              • Solutions for energy efficiency

              • Energy efficiency is the ratio of the amount of energy consumed to the products and services obtained. It can be improved with the use and implementation of measures and investments in technology. Panasonic will strive to ensure that CO2 emissions across its business operations – production and products used by its customers – reaches its peak in 2018, the centenary year of its foundation.
                  • Solar Industry

                    • Safety

                    • Safety engineering for machine builders

                      For machine builders, Panasonic offers a wide range of products and solutions fine-tuned to function with each other. Temperature control, programmable control, and drives using a combination of PLC and servo motors, as well as communication within and outside of the factory are just a few notable examples.

                      The goal of safety engineering at Panasonic is to ease implementing safety-related functions as much as possible, i.e. to come up with solutions to integrate known products into customer-specific applications. This is guaranteed by simply combining safety and control circuits.

                      This measure not only reduces the number of components and devices in the machine, but also minimizes wiring. Fewer costs, less stock to manage and more room in the machine are the result of this optimization.
                        • Biomedical / Laboratory automation

                        • Laboratory automation includes processes such as high-throughput screening, combinatorial chemistry, automated clinical and analytical testing, diagnostics, large-scale biorepositories, and many others. These processes would not exist without an important progress in laboratory automation. Improving health care treatment like diagnosis, monitoring, and therapy requires more and more automation process equipment. Laboratory robotics assure the automatic handling of specimens, for example for mixing or incubation. However, automatic handling requires the fast and reliable detection of specimens.

                          Panasonic provides technologies based on high speed and contactless object detection to increase productivity, reduce lab cycles, and enable experimentation that otherwise would be impossible. To increase the speed for conducting millions of chemical, genetic, or pharmacological tests Panasonic is the right partner.

                          Electrostatic charge also plays a role when it comes to handling very small quantities of specimens because the weight of the electrostatic charge has a higher percentage of the total weight. Here Panasonic responds with a large range of industrial ionizers for various applications.

                          The key factors that speak for Panasonic are:
                          • Long-term availability of products
                          • High quality of products and services as required in the biomedical sector
                          • Well established and experienced in this sector
                          • Customized and standard products available
                          • Industry-specific development