Business Profile

JAI is a manufacturer of high quality, industrial cameras and machine vision cameras for use in a wide range industries including factory automation/inspection, transportation, aerospace, homeland security, medical and scientific markets.

Offerings include both interlaced cameras and cameras with progressive scan CCDs and feature a range of video interfaces including traditional analog cameras, as well as digital cameras supporting the GigE Vision or Camera Link standards. JAI is one of the founding members of both the Camera Link and GigE Vision committees and produces a wide range of Camera Link cameras and GigE cameras with support for the latest GigE Vision and GenICam standards.

JAI is also a leader in the production of 2CCD cameras and 3CCD industrial cameras incorporating advanced prism-block technology to split incoming light to multiple imagers. These multi-imager cameras include RGB color cameras, 2-CCD multi-spectral cameras, high dynamic range cameras (HDR cameras), plus a series of color line scan cameras including 3-CCD cameras, 3-CMOS cameras, and 4-CCD cameras. A JAI color line scan camera provides a high performance alternative to tri-linear cameras and quadri-linear cameras for handling high-speed continuous or web applications.

In addition to monochrome and color cameras for the visible light spectrum, JAI produces cameras that operate outside the visible range to support specific application requirements. For example, JAI offers UV industrial cameras capable of producing high quality images of scenes illuminated by ultraviolet light. These UV inspection cameras leverage the shorter ultraviolet wavelengths to identify and analyze defects with smaller feature sizes, such as those found in semiconductor inspection, as well as scientific applications. At the other end of the spectrum, JAI makes NIR inspection cameras offering added sensitivity to near-infrared wavelengths. NIR cameras offer added sensitivity in low light situations and are also able to see below the surface of organic products, plastics, and various other materials to improve inspection results.

JAI also manufactures both cameras and vehicle imaging subsystems for the intelligent transportation systems (ITS) market. In addition to high resolution overview cameras and high speed cameras offering frame rates up to 200 frames per second, JAI builds modular subsystems including cameras, weatherproof housings, light sensors, strobe lights, and trigger systems, plus ALPR software (ANPR software), and vehicle matching software (vehicle fingerprint). These subsystems are part of violation enforcement systems (VES systems), open road tolling (ORT systems), congestion charging, travel time information systems, parking enforcement systems, bus lane enforcement systems, border security systems, and a variety of other advanced vision-based traffic solutions.