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Company Profile

EMX Industries, Inc. was established in 1987 with the primary goal of supplying the gate, overhead door and parking industries with innovative sensors and controls. Today, EMX designs and manufactures access control products that are used in a broad spectrum of applications and in many industries. We work with companies in the access control, security, fence, gate and door operator and parking markets. EMX also designs, manufactures and sells specialty sensors for factory and process automation. EMX sensors are used in automotive, packaging, labeling, metal stamping, paper and wood processing, plastics, electronics and pharmaceutical manufacturing. EMX is ISO 9001 certified.

Product Range

  • Density measurement
  • Image processing system for color inspection and color image processing
  • Image processing system for safety control
  • Image processing system for surface inspection
  • Infrared Photo Cell
  • Measurement equipment for Safety Control
  • Measurement equipment for the automotive industry
  • Optical Measurement
  • Optical measuring system
  • Safety: Access control in the machine area
  • Safety: Access Control Sensors
  • Safety: Access Control Timer
  • Safety: Access Keypad
  • Safety: Monitoring system for safety zone
  • Safety: Safety sensor
  • Sensor: Colour and contrast mark sensor
  • Sensor: Colour recognition systems
  • Sensor: Colour sensor
  • Sensor: IR light sensor
  • Sensor: Luminescence sensor
  • Sensor: Photoelectric sensors
  • Sensor: Proximity sensor
  • Sensors: Brightness sensor
  • Sensors: Contrast sensor
  • Sensors: Opacity sensor
  • Solar Powered Panel