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  • Industrial Vision Systems Ltd (IVS) is a major supplier of machine vision solutions to industry. Our vision systems are used all over the world in automated production processes for inspection, guidance, identification, measurement, tracking and counting - in many diverse industries.

    Our NeuroCheck vision system combines the latest generation machine vision software with the newest digital camera technology providing a cost-effective, easy to set-up vision solution and offering rapid integration and company wide standardization.

Product Portfolio
  • Machine Vision Systems and Solutions

  • Industrial Vision Systems Ltd is one of Europe's leading companies for the supply and support of machine vision solutions and peripheral vision equipment. Our products includes vision software, vision systems and fully integrated engineering support.

    Combining software expertise with application integration we offer a unique service in the machine vision industry - that of vision system manufacturer and vision system integrator - giving us unparalleled expertise and experience in vision technology for automated quality control.

    Our specialist capabilities include:
    • Single and multi camera off-the-shelf solutions for automated inspection
    • Retro-fit vision system solutions to already established lines and cells
    • Complete bespoke machine builds and special purpose machines for automated inspection
    • Custom OEM development of unique vision inspection requirements
    • Vision integration and support for machine builders and systems integrators
    • Machine vision training and support
  • Rugged & Powerful Machine Vision Cameras

  • Our latest generation machine vision cameras provide state-of-the-art digital technology, offering precise signal processing and best image quality combined with a compact robust design and extensive functionality to provide plug and play capability out of the box.
      • Color (24 bit)

      • Designed to meet the highest requirements in industry the NCF (Firewire IEEE1394 high speed "b" format) and NCG (GigE Gigabit Ethernet) cameras come in a range of specifications to suit any application. From entry-level low cost solutions to high performance, high resolution requirements with one of the smallest form factors available in industry today.
        The resolutions range from 656 x 494 running at 90 full frames per second, up to 2448 x 2050 running at 13 full frames per second.

        What's new
        • Miniature, robust size (36mm x 36mm x 48mm) suitable for all demanding vision system installations.
        • Entry-level, mid range, high speed and high resolution system options.
        • 24-bit digital colour camera processing.
        • Plug and play digital technology with NeuroCheck machine vision software solutions.
        • Unlimited number of camera inputs on a single vision system.
        • Available in Firewire (IEEE1394 High Speed "b" Format) and Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) standard.

              Camera Output Sensor Readout formats   Camera Output Sensor Readout formats CCD
        CCD GigE Format Resolution Full Frames

        True Partical

        CCD GigE Format Resolution Full Frames

        True Partical

        NCF103 NCG203 1/3" 656 x 494 90 YES   NCF103c NCG203c 1/3" 656 x 494 90 YES NCF106 NCG206 1/2" 776 x 582 64 YES   NCF106c NCG206c 1/2" 776 x 582 64 YES NCF108 NCG208 1/3" 1032 x 776 28 YES   NCF108c NCG208c 1/3" 1032 x 776 28 YES NCF113 NCG213 1/2" 1392 x 1040 20 YES   NCF113c NCG213c 1/2" 1392 x 1040 20 YES NCF114 NCG214 2/3" 1392 x 1040 20 YES   NCF114c NCG214c 2/3" 1392 x 1040 20 YES NCF120 NCG220 1/1.8" 1624 x 1236 16 YES   NCF120c NCG220c 1/1.8" 1624 x 1236 16 YES NCF150 NCG250 2/3" 2448 x 2050 13 YES   NCF150c NCG250c 2/3" 2448 x 2050 13 YES
  • NeuroCheck 6.0 - Machine Vision Solutions

  • NeuroCheck 6.0 represents the culmination of 5 years of development for a brand new version of the NeuroCheck machine vision software. This new .NET version of the software is a result of dynamic evolution and intensive development.

    For the user the new NeuroCheck software offers significantly improved capabilities for integration into networked manufacturing facilities and for visualising the inspection processes in automatic mode as well as many dramatic improvements.
      • NEUROCHECK 6.0

      • In addition, the image processing algorithms were thoroughly revised, not least to keep abreast of the growing importance of high resolution digital cameras.

        New Key Features:
        • 24 bit colour processing in every function
        • Every machine vision function revised and updated
        • Completely revised automatic mode including separate control panel display and process view - Touch screen ready control
        • Rapid development of new process views and custom control panels for automatic operation
        • Multi threading capability for high speed machine vision
        • Comprehensive new process control capabilities
        • Extensive audit trail and logging for pharmaceutical customers
        • Windows XP and Windows Vista ready
  • Production Integration

      • Production Integration

      • Images from one or more cameras are transferred to the PC via digital Firewire connections. NeuroCheck then analyzes the image, yielding results like measurement values, size or distance of objects within the image; optical properties, like brightness or contrast of objects; identified texts or bar codes; or simply the statement: "Part PASS" or "Part FAIL".

        These results can be passed on through various channels, e.g. via digital I/O boards, ethernet or the serial interface directly to a PLC or master computers, or to files, which can be read by standard software like spreadsheet programs.

        NeuroCheck's communication channels can also be used to remote-control the software. PLC and master computer can trigger the inspection process according to the production cycle time, switch check routines depending on the type of work piece to be inspected etc. Thus it is possible to achieve fully automatic inspection of every single item produced.
  • Industry Sectors

  • Machine Vision Applications
    Industrial Vision Systems Ltd provide fully integrated machine vision solutions, including stand alone special purpose machines, retro-fits to already established lines and cells, as well as work on new machines and projects. We work with end users, systems integrators and OEM machine builders alike providing a one-stop solution for the full range of engineering services required in today's modern industrial automation market where vision can be applied. Our company's services comprise consulting, engineering, on-site integration, support, maintenance and training.

    Typical Applications:
    • Presence verification/completeness checks
    • Gauging/dimensional inspection
    • Character recognition (OCR, OCV)
    • Robot guidance
    • Pattern recognition
    • Colour processing/colour recognition
    • Surface inspection
    • Position verification
    • Print inspection
    • Bar code and data matrix code reading
    • Vision Solutions for the Automotive Industry

    • Vision Solutions for the Medical Devices Industry

    • Vision Solutions for the Electronics and Semiconductor Industry

    • Vision Solutions for the Food Processing Industry