Company Profile

eks is your competent and flexible partner in developing and producing electronic systems and communication devices for fiber optic transmission systems. Our qualified system integrators flexibly create efficient standard solutions as well as product-specific and custom-designed solutions to fit every client’s needs. The experience and quality awareness of our company has been rewarded with the DIN EN ISO 9001 certificate. Innovation, quality, flexibility and cost-consciousness are our corporate principles. We consider clients as partners and act upon it. At eks we offer excellent products along with intelligent service. Since many years we have been known for, both, quality and innovation as well as extraordinary customer care.

Product Range

  • Fiberoptics, amplification, general
  • Fiberoptics, attenuator
  • Fiberoptics, circulators
  • Fiberoptics, circulators
  • Fiberoptics, connectors and accessories
  • Fiberoptics, coupler/splitter
  • Fiberoptics, couplers/splitters
  • Fiberoptics, filter
  • Fiberoptics, integrated components
  • Fiberoptics, isolators
  • Fiberoptics, modulator
  • Fiberoptics, receiver component
  • Fiberoptics, source laser
  • Fiberoptics, switching, general
  • Fiberoptics, transmission, general
  • Fiberoptics, transmitter/receiver module
  • Fiberoptics, transponder and transceiver
  • Fiberoptics, wavelength locker
  • Fiberoptics, wideband WDM