Business Profile

Our mission and philosophy at Dascom Corporation is to be the world leader in serial printing technology.

From barcodes, bills of lading, invoices, multi-part forms and a host of other critical documents, Dascom printers are the advanced technology solution that businesses world-wide call on when seeking the best in cost-effective printing.
Some of the world’s largest companies in logistics, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, healthcare and more depend on Dascom to deliver the best in time critical performance and custom solutions when their business is on the line.

From our global headquarters in Hong Kong to our six spacious research and development centers and state of the art manufacturing facility in the bustling city of Jiangmen, China, Dascom is positioned for the future with the goal to provide our clients with the best of breed in print quality and efficiency.

Ours is a long-term strategy and we invest significantly in new products, innovations, research and development to help our clients adapt to the ever changing business climate. We are a different kind of company with a different kind of commitment.

At Dascom our boundaries are broad and we believe our future is limited only by the depth of our innovation and imagination. Each day we seek to redefine the future of global business printing.