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  • Offer Profile
  • PCE Instruments offers complete industrial measurement solutions for the challenging demands of modern developments. Additionally, our service solutions will help to achieve maximal reliability of operations. The section of non destructive testing and inspection offers systems and measurement products for material quality evaluation and characterisation without surface destruction in various industries and scientific applications.
Product Portfolio
  • Industrial Measurement Products

  • Exact measurement is an absolute must for everyone who wants to guarantee precise and first-class work. That is why the best measuring instruments are necessary.
      • Measurement Instruments

      • We offer a broad range of products from the field of measuring instruments. Here you can find all various types of testing and measuring instruments, handheld and desktop. At the moment we stock around 500 different types of quality tools to measure various parameters in the physical, electrical and chemical spectrums. You can find lots of equipment to complete the task, be it monitoring, analysis, measurement or testing.
      • Controllers

      • You will find a wide range of control systems to be used for many different applications from simple displays with different sizes up to complete regulators. Nowadays, control systems are essential instruments in modern production processes. The compact displays of these control systems enable quick and easy view of diverse physical magnitudes, such as temperature, pressure, revolutions and standard process signals which can be found in any automated process. Besides, modern regulators can solve quickly and effectively different control works.
      • Weighing Scales & Balances

      • PCE Instruments is one of the leading weighing equipment manufacturers and suppliers in Europe. Spezialized in industrial, laboratory and process weighing equipment and loadcells, PCE serves clients all over the world. Nearly two decades of experience in process equipment manufacturing are reflected in thousands of sold balances and scales and lots of industrial system installations.
      • Laboratory Equipment

      • We offer a wide range of products for your laboratory.
    • Industrial Measurement Solutions

    • PCE Instruments offers complete industrial measurement solutions for the challenging demands of modern developments. Additionally, our service solutions will help to achieve maximal reliability of operations. The section of non destructive testing and inspection offers systems and measurement products for material quality evaluation and characterisation without surface destruction in various industries and scientific applications.
        • Condition Monitoring

        • Reduction of machine downtime - Usage rate near 100%. Predictive maintenance tools.
            • Online-Systems for Condition Monitoring

            • Online condition monitoring systems are based on a history of data ​​that is kept during phases of undisturbed machine and equipment operation. Trends of various machine parameters are stored / mapped continously.
            • Handheld Tools for Use in Condition Monitoring

            • To monitor the equipment in the production process PCE Instruments offers a series of handheld test equipment too. These tools offer the some advantages:
              • Reliable measurements without spending large amounts of money
              • Only brief training of the employee or machine operator is required
              • No historical data is needed
            • Sensors for Condition Monitoring

            • Humidity (ambient), material moisture, temperature (machine surface or environmental), pressure, vibration, water parameters, to name only the most important parameters are recorded with sensors of PCE Instruments. Signal amplifiers and signal converters process and transform the data.
            • Optical Condition Monitoring

            • Fix installed cameras at machines and systems enable machine monitoring and condition monitoring. This type of monitoring allows to control machine parts running in hidden places and / or in places where due to bad ambient conditions it is not possible for workers to check or to measure with handheld tools.
            • Webbased Condition Monitoring

            • Intelligent measurement and control systems in combination with web technology allow fast and secure data transmission. Early alarming (regardless of the location) avoids unplanned downtime of machinery and equipment.

              For example in case of energy monitoring: Current sensors and current measurement devices determine the data necessary to monitor energy consumption. The measured values ​​can be visualized locally in operating rooms or even in the cloud.
          • Manufacturing Monitoring

          • Make industrial processes visible - Ensure maximum transparency.
              • HMI - User Interfaces

              • Human Machine Interface (HMI) - Operator panels are an essential part of the manufacturing process monitoring in industrial production. They are especially designed for controlling and monitoring of processes in industry.
                The latest generation of HMI devices will 22153 the classical control panels and display devices in future. No matter what type of communication is required (fieldbus, Ethernet, serial ports), our operating units can be easily integrated into any network.
              • Industrial Routers / RTUs (Remote Terminal Units)

              • For monitoring and control of equipment in decentralized production processes PCE Instruments offers RTUs.

                They offer the following advantages:
                • faster access control
                • short response times
                • high travel cost savings
                • enable to manage data centrally
            • Industrial Weighing Equipment

            • Dynamic weighing systems for industrial production processes. A challenging task.
                • Silo Weighing Solutions / Tank Weighing

                • Weighing equipment which is used for the indirect determination of the level or of a feed system for raw materials is installed / configured depending on the needs at the installation site or the weighing task itself.
                • Solids Flow Meters

                • These weighing devices are used for mass flow detection of free-falling or free-flowing bulk materials. In order to achieve a very high accuracy of weighing results it is important to insure a low variance in grain size as well as grain density.
                • Loader Weighing Scales

                • Loader weighing scale systems are offered by PCE Instruments as kits which can be installed within just a few hours on any wheel loader, backhoe or tractor. The operating and display units are housed in the cabin of the machine. The ease of weighing equipment operation allows the operator to stay focused on his job.
                • Belt Weighing Scales

                • Products of PCE Instruments are widely used whenever simultaneous weighing of raw materials and additives on belts (dynamic weighing) is required.

                  Our industrial in-line weighing technology is quick to install and easy to connect. The systems are extremely well protected against dirt and need low maintenance. This offers high precision for very rough industrial environments.
                • Metal Detectors

                • Industrial weighing equipment is very often used in combination with the detection of metallic parts in processing. Caused by the production process itself or already contained in the delivered raw materials, metallic parts can damage machines in the production process or contaminate the final product.
                • In-Motion Weighing

                • Growing online retail businesses need daily output industrial in-motion weighing equipment. Packages have to be weighed in a static or dynamic way while on the packaging line.
              • Moisture & Humidity Measurement

              • High accuracy mesurement systems for humidity and moisture in industrial processes.
                  • Measurement of relative air humidity

                  • Temperature and humidity measurement for warehouses or for use in air conditioning and ventilation systems as well as ventilation ducts. No matter if it is raw materials, additives, semi-finished or finished products that must be stored, a climate measurement is necessary in most cases. PCE offers moisture measurement systems which can be delivered per-configured and installed quickly and easily.
                  • Measurement of absolute material moisture

                  • To know the absolute moisture is very important in the inspection of incoming raw materials, additives and Pulps, in industrial processing as well as in the finished product. For the measurement of absolute materialand product moisture, different measurement procedures are possible (capacitive methods, microwave). This ensures a highly accurate moisture measurement result for a certain product such as granulates, soils (SiO2, KaO2, etc.), concrete, plastics, food, sewage sludges, pellets, etc.
                • Non Destructive Testing & Inspection

                      • Non Destructive Testing & Inspection

                      • Non destructive measurement and testing solutions for scientific and industrial use.
                  • People Counting

                        • People Counting

                        • People counting and measurement technology, queue management and security applications.
                    • Industrial Measurement Services

                        • Custom Solutions Services

                        • PCE Instruments custom design group provides instruments and test equipment for customers that is not available off the shelf. The Engineering team has been providing high-quality services to global customers since 1999. We can deliver solutions to customers that meet their requirements for features, cost, and schedule. Skilled engineers and technical staff make use of their knowledge and experience the development and design of new test equipment and test instruments. We will put our expertise to work for you to help specify, setup, integrate, and validate the measurement and inspection equipment you need.
                          • Installation & Maintenance

                                • Installation & Maintenance

                                • Onsite industrial services as measurement, weighing & controls installation, optimization, maintenance and calibration.