Company Profile

Sarspec is a technology leader in spectroscopy instrumentation. The products quality and expertise of our engineers and scientists grant the best support and concrete answers to requests from spectroscopy users around the world.

Sarspec’s product range includes CCD-array Spectrometers, Light Sources, Sampling Accessories, Optical Fibers and Optical Fiber Probes providing solutions for measuring Absorbance, Reflectance, Transmittance, Irradiance, Color, Raman, Fluorescence and other Luminescence forms in the UV/Vis/NIR wavelength range.

Quite often we get the question: why the name Sarspec? and the answer is easy:

Smart, Affordable, Reliable Spectroscopy. These are the premisses for all instrumentation development from Sarspec.

Challenge us, together we can Make Spectroscopy Brighter!