Charles Craft

Company Profile

Although Charles Craft, Inc. is known worldwide for it's fine line of cross-stitch fabric and pre-finished accessory items, when it was founded January 1, 1967 by Charles G. Buie, Jr. the company solely manufactured fringe for bedspreads. Since that time the company has greatly diversified and become a completely vertical manufacturer of a broad line of textile products. Besides the cross-stitch line, Charles Craft produces cotton and polyester spun yarns, dyed yarns, kitchen textiles as well as high performance specialty yarns and fabrics. The company is the largest producer of cross-stitch fabrics in the world and is known for its innovative products, quality and service. Charles Craft's cross-stitch innovations include fingertip towels, kitchen towels, cross-stitch bibs, potholders, oven mitts, afghans, tote bags and much, much more. The entire product line is designed from inception as true cross-stitch products. Most products include aida borders or panels that are actually woven into the body of the products which give them noticeably higher quality and unmistakable authenticity.