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Gehring Textiles

Company Profile

Gehring Textiles is a medium sized, family owned (50+years), vertically integrated manufacturer of specialty WARP KNIT Tricot and Raschel fabrics, utilizing our in-house knitting, dyeing and finishing facilities to develop products for the industrial market. Gehring Textiles' enduring success is built on research and development capabilities, manufacturing quality and service. Products manufactured include, but are not limited to: MESH: Fabric hole size / strength / stability varied depending on application (from lightweight mosquito netting / scrims to athletic mesh to heavyweight cargo netting) UNBROKEN LOOP: Napped loop fabric, which is the primary component for Velcro closures. Our products range from lightweight through heavyweight. 3-D SPACER: Multi-layered, 3-Dimentional single knitted sequence fabric. Weights, thickness, properties of yarns, appearance, degree of stability, compression and improvement from laminates. STRETCH / STABLE SOLID FABRICS: Fabrics with specially engineered stretch or stability, as desired. NOVELTY / ALLOVER LACES: Lace fabrics for the fashion Industry. FLEECE: For interlinings, thermal and acoustical insulation, cold weather protection and industrial applications. RANGE OF TECHNICAL PRODUCTS: Carbon / glass fabrics, moldable fabrics, etc. Specifications furnished on request. Fabrics are constructed from most all-synthetic yarns, traditional (nylon and polyester) through high performance (Nomex® and Kevlar®). Additionally, Gehring Textiles possesses the technical capabilities and experience to develop fabrics to whatever the desired specifications, whether for apparel, medical, composite, industrial and specialty applications.