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Freudenberg Vliesstoffe

Company Profile

It´s hard to imagine a world without nonwovens. In the clothing industry they are used as interlinings between the top cloth and the inside lining. Jackets, blouses, dresses, coats and shirt collars all keep their shape thanks to nonwovens, no matter how many times they are washed or dry-cleaned. In the leather goods industry, nonwovens are used to line bags and suitcases. Even the shoes on our feet contain nonwovens. Cleaning cloths made of nonwoven materials are essential helpers in every household. In industrial plants, nonwovens are used as filters and insulation. In medical applications they turn up in adhesive plasters and bandages. In a typical hospital operating room they are everywhere - doctors and nurses do their work in sterilized gowns, hoods and masks made of nonwovens, and the patients are covered up with nonwoven cloth. In the field of personal hygiene, diapers made of nonwovens keep babies snug and dry. Out in the fields, nonwovens protect young plants from pests and cold weather, and as "geotextiles" they separate soil layers and bulk goods. Nonwovens are used as backing materials in carpets, in car interiors and in roofing felts, to name but a few.