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Lora Festa

Company Profile

In 1926 Alfredo Lora Lamia and Giacomino Festa Bianchet establish the Lora & Festa worsted-spinning mill, following a textile family tradition of working with natural fibers since 1885. Skill and precision in the working process of natural fibers of Lora & Festa today, are based on a perfect blend between high technology and tradition: merino wool, cashmere and silk are crafted and transformed respecting their natural qualities. The chairman Ottavio Festa Bianchet, the president Giacomo Festa Bianchet and the vice-president Sergio Lora Lamia, thanks to an advance and attentive entrepreneurial activity, led the Borgosesia based company to become the specialized producer of worsted knitwear yarns with its researches in colors and fashion trends. The pursuit of quality in the processing of fine natural fibers is a characteristic that distinguishes Lora & Festa from others in the world.