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Company Profile

Creafil, estabilished by the Paolacci family, entered the textile field, thanks to the long experience. Extending over 20 years in the production of chenille and fancy yarns. Starting with a small production unit, Creafil, in the last ten years have increased their production with the investment in the most up-to-date machines. Remarkable goals have been achieved in organization and in the quality of the yarns. Today, Creafil, is a leader in the world textile market for the production of chenille and high fancy yarns - most particularly for the manufacture of upholstery/furnishing and apparel fabrics. The production capacity is now one of the largest in Italy, together with the quality ( certified UNI EN - ISO 9002 - ) and the world wide marketing network, is the motivating factor of our business. Great importance is placed on the regular renewal of machinery and to ensure a continuos improvement in all aspects of our business.