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Bowmer Bond

Company Profile

Bowmer Bond is acknowledged as the UK's leading manufacturer and supplier of polypropylene webbing and carries the largest stock of coloured webbing in Europe. Produced from high quality, melt dyed, multi-filament yarns, in both medium and high tenacity, our webbings combine flexibility with strength. They are widely utilised in the luggage, IBC, rucksack and outdoor leisure markets as well as for baby harnesses, saddlery and toys. We also manufacture speciality items such as logo webbing for high visibility corporate products, patterned and padded webbings and we are always pleased to discuss and design to a customers' precise requirements. Our production unit in the UK is equipped with the very latest high speed, high tech machinery for weaving, processing, and finishing.  We have a strong tradition of using the finest yarns available and constantly evaluate and investigate the complexities of new yarns available in order to keep ahead of the ever changing demands and challenges present in today's market place. Bowmer Bond can offer many types of in-house processing, such as scouring , glazing, shrinking, rotproofing, stiffening, heatsetting and others. We also offer a variety of make-ups from the standard 50 metre rolls to 500 or 1000 metre reels, colour coded knots, or pre-cut heat sealed lengths.