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Herbert Rice Fabrics

Company Profile

What makes Waxwear so special is the use of tightly woven fabrics and Martexin® wax finishes. The Martin family has been involved in the dyeing and finishing of textiles in the US since 1838. In 1930, the Martexin® identity (which is a combination of Martin & textile) for wax treated fabrics was registered at the US Patent and Trademark Office, to protect its’ identity from less effective imitators. The method, application and formulation of the waxing process are tightly held family secrets. In 1950, it was decided to eliminate the hazardous solvents commonly used in the application of most wax finishes and a unique patentable applicator was developed. As patents are available for review, it was decided not to seek a patent to further cloak the unique process in secrecy. In addition, incorporation of food and pharmaceutical grade waxes and oils which are completely non-hazardous, Martexin® finishes have been free of hazardous solvents (which are air pollutants and toxic to humans) for almost 50 years—well before the subsequent environmental movement. Waxwear is for hunting, fishing and sport. Waxwear is tough and durable. Waxwear is found anywhere there is weather. Herbert Rice Fabrics is licensed to produce and distribute with Martexin finishes Mossy Oak patterns.