Company Profile

Dahmen was the first to start producing multi-needle quilting machines in Europe. Since 1971 the company, formerly named Paradis, has been continued production in its present name. The core business began with a pure mechanical controlled shuttle machine STEPPOMAT. In 1983 the product line was supplemented by an electronic / hydraulic version QUILTTRONIC. This variation was particularly used in the field of high-quality ready-to-wear clothing and mattresses / bed spreads. In 1987 the QUILTTRONIC was replaced by a fully electronic derivative. In 1993 the company was taken over by Mr. Peter Ringhut. His aim was to continue innovations even more and to adjust the range of products to market and customers requirements. Thus the machines ECOMAT, new QUILTTRONIC and MATTRESS MASTER were being developped. Additionally the double chain stitch machine CHAINTRONIC was integrated in the product line. In Research & Develop programs, where we are closely cooperating with specialists in the field of drives, gears and electronic controls, materials, surfaces, needle and thread systems etc., we are permanently looking for better solutions for our customers.