Company Profile

The Lindauer DORNIER GmbH was founded in 1950 and initially manufactured shuttle weaving machines. Then textile finishing machines were added and these supplemented by industrial dryers for the paperboard, paper and gypsum fibreboard industry as well as film stretching machines for the production of high-quality plastic films, products with which Lindauer DORNIER GmbH counts today among the world's market leaders. Through the introduction of a shuttleless weaving machine in 1967 the stage was set for the company's advancement to being the biggest German weaving machine manufacturer. This weaving machine, which has been continuously developed is, with its intelligent filling insertion system and with center filling transfer, the most versatile machine on the market anywhere in the world. It can weave almost any kind of yarn. In 1990 an air-jet weaving machine was added that is specially suited to weave very dense fabrics in single or double width and also for jacquard weaving. In addition it offers terry weavers a new dimension in performance coupled with the highest quality. In addition to this comprehensive weaving machine system family, DORNIER also offers a Quick Style Change system (QSC) for rapier and air-jet machines of various generations. In the textile finishing machines sector the Lindauer DORNIER GmbH, with its singeing, mercerizing and combined bleaching-mercerizing machines has provided a solution for finishers of circular knit goods. A patented circular expander, used on all three machine types, facilitates the processing of goods in tubular form and, thereby, sets new quality standards. Lindauer DORNIER GmbH is also leading in the manufacturing of film stretching machines for the production of mono and biaxial oriented plastic material, e.g. polypropylene, polyester, PVC, PEN and polystyrol. Today Lindauer DORNIER GmbH with its three production facilities and 1.500 employees, exports 80% of its products. The weaving machine sector with 70% of the production output represents the major part of the annual turnover.