Company Profile

SOMET is a major producer of weaving machines. Operating since 1967, SOMET has progressively increased its market share and today is the leading producer of rapier weaving machines with over 64,000 machines installed world-wide: its THEMA 11 EXCEL is the best selling rapier weaving machine in the world. SOMET has reached this lead position thanks to positive determination and the necessary restructuring over the years to become a point of reference for the market. The company has recently decided to increase its market shares in the air jet weaving machines and has expanded its production in this direction. Thanks to careful studies of market requirements, heavy investment in research and development, on-going up-grading all production facilities with state-of-the-art technology, and effective sales and service, SOMET has been able to reach its targets: weaving machines that are versatile, economic, reliable and productive, that provide for a high level of automation and are easy to update with the latest innovations. Weaving machines that respond to the weaver's every need. Since July 1993 SOMET has been operating within the ISO 9001 Quality System.