A B Carter

Company Profile

A. B. Carter is universally recognized as a quality supplier of spinning accessories and other products utilized throughout the yarn manufacturing sector of the Textile Industry. In addition, the Company also serves other Industries through the sale of precision machine parts, low carbon wire and yarn splicing products. A. B. Carter began manufacturing and marketing its first product, the Boyce Weavers Knotter, shortly after the Company was founded by Arthur Bynum Carter in 1922. Mr. Carter's interest and expertise in the application of rings and travelers for producing quality spun yarns led the way for establishing the metal traveler business in 1937. The Company has continued to grow over the years through acquisitions of companies and product-lines but most importantly through servicing our customers needs. A. B. Carter is now marketing a diverse line of products through several divisions with specialized industry knowledge. Each division maintains the necessary technical expertise in order to assist customers with application, operation and servicing issues. A. B. Carter's primary products include travelers and rings, tapes and belts, bobbins, bobbin strippers, air splicers, knotters, stroboscopes, end detectors and textile laboratory equipment. A. B. Carter products are sold worldwide through a network of sales agents with representatives in 44 countries. In addition, A. B. Carter operates three sales and service subsidiaries located in Brazil, Hong Kong and Mexico.