Company Profile

Meiners-del Limited was formed in 1987 when an existing company, Meiners Electronic Controls Ltd, became available for take-over. The directors of the then Sister company, Denco Electronics Limited, acquired the existing products and business of Meiners Electronic Controls and set about the revitalisation of a business that had been lacking in both financial and technological input. Whilst maintaining existing products of Meiners Electronic Controls, such as the Warping Yarn Inspector (obsolete), Thread Illuminator, Unilength Meter, PhotoCount, Cirscan (obsolete), Positioner (obsolete), Measured Length Meter (obsolete) etc, the development of a new product range was undertaken. The Yarn Hairiness range was the first to be introduced and the Warping Yarn Inspector was upgraded. The next instrument to be launched was the ETM1, Entanglement Test Meter, then the ETM2 and now we have the ETM3. This proved to be a highly successful Instrument and the OLM Systems (On-Line Monitoring) have been derived from the ETM. The BFD (Broken Filament Detector) was first introduced back in 1993 in a project with a customer. It was then further developed into the Commercial Unit that is available today. The Unilength Meter and PhotoCount have remained unchanged and still prove to be a popular item as is the Thread Illuminator, which had a modification to the type of Lamp used. The Yarn Tow Scanners evolved from the Warping Yarn Inspector, as new applications were found for this type of instrument.