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Torres Maquinaria Textil

Company Profile

From 1961 has been concentrated on the construction of Raising, Shearing and Sueding machines. Direct and personalised contact with Clients in all textile areas has allowed us to obtain the experience required, which, added to our young human team, permit us to offer updated solutions with advanced technology, fully satisfying the requirements of the textile nobleness professionals users of our machines. The choice of the right machine in each case is facilitated by the unique treatment we give our Clients, only possible in larger companies conscious of their vocation to serve the industry. The new generation of Raising Machines VECTRONIC is manufactured in two versions: SA and DA. Both versions are electronically operated, thus guaranteeing a perfect synchronization among the diferent drive shafts. Our machine FLUIDTRONIC has been designed for middle productions. When you want to obtain short and thick pile on tubular or open knitted fabrics such as plush, polar fleece, golden, Pyrenean wool, etc., we advise you to order the SA (Single Action) version. If you want to get a longer pile on woven carded wool fabrics, cotton fabrics, blankets, Ketten fabrics, etc., the DA (Double Action) version ist the most suitable one. Shearing Machines to ensure to get a perfect ennoblement and long life of the cut for the highest difficult fabrics: Loop Fabrics, Terry Towels, Car Seat Velvet, Long Pile Fabrics, Standard and Raschel Blankets, Carpets and Moquette, Microfibers and so on.