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Willy Italiana

Company Profile

For over 20 years we have specialised in the field of finishing woven ribbons for garment labels and, thanks to our exclusive technology we have designed and developed unique processes for our Customers, synonymous with high quality and class, such as embossing on ribbons and labels and transfer printing on woven ribbons. Today, supported by highly advanced technology complying with the CE European safety standards and by one of the most qualified teams in this branch worldwide, we are in a position to offer new and exclusive working methods able to satisfy the most sophisticated requirements in the field of woven ribbons. Our aim at WILLY ITALIANA is to provide our Customers with the best possible support through close cooperation, information and consultancy that goes beyond that of a qualified supplier, to positively approach and solve the Customer's specific problem. Hence providing solutions which in most cases exceed the original needs and expectations. All this is concentrated into machines which sum up the best of the "Made in Italy" : creativity, quality, professionalism. Our products, with significant growing trends and steadily increasing market shares witness the success and reputation that WILLY ITALIANA enjoys in Italy, Europe and all over the world among the most technologically advanced label manufacturers.