Company Profile

1953 : Busto Arsizio (Varese). We began to manufacture while Italy had to be rebuilt. While people were still feeling the echo of the war which had destroyed not only the social and urban cloth but also the industrial material and the fabric "tout court". 1960 : Our machines specialized in the preparing and finishing of the tubular knitted fabrics were working at full rhythm in the many companies of the north-centre and were busy to supply a real "mass clothing". Italy was leaving the euphorical time of the economic Boom, the multitude of knitted fabrics coming out from our machines helps people to realize their dreams through the rediscovery of the life and of the consumption enjoyments. Ironing, folding, automatic packaging machines for knitted ready-made articles, appeared for the first time on the market. 1970 : Tubular opening and cutting machines, rope opening machines and unrollers, folding machines, overturning machines, dryers and other accessory machines were necessary to meet the demand of one decade that seemed to be dominated by the knitted cloth. At the end of the seventies, machines for the folding and packaging of tights and stockings were born. 1980 : These are the years of consumerism, the triumph of the "griffes", the worship of the image and the triumph of the status symbol. Then fashion melted into creativity. The supply of the textile industry becomes more specialized and more sophisticated both in quality and in functionality. And Ferraro's has accepted the challenge and has thrown itself into the market, by planning and manufacturing machines part with handicraft carefulness, which nowadays means the top of the industry. 1990 : These are the years of transition towards the new millennium, the years of the electronics and the computer logic, that now have taken place definitively in the heart of our machines. Elasticity, precision and reliability are the indiscussed qualities of our machines and of our company. And with the technological and entrepreneurial patrimony we are looking at the future.