Company Profile

From its foundation in 1982, VIGNONI enters the firmament of the most appreciated producers of circular knitting machines. The peculiarity of the projects carried out by the company during the past years, allowed VIGNONI to become known for the very high quality and reliability of its product. The brand’s notoriety was achieved with the introduction of innovative and technologically advanced solutions as the JUMBO frame (60" diameter), the compound needle (machine model BMX), the peculiar mini-jacquard selection, which emphasises the concept of flexibility, easy access to the feeder pulleys by locating them externally to the feeder ring. SANTONI, one of the most well known companies of the LONATI Group, which is leader in the manufacturing of sock machines and world wide know for its constant research and development efforts in the meccano-textile industry, acquires VIGNONI in 1998. The new economical and logistic support provided by SANTONI lead to a modern factory of 10.000 meters square nearby Brescia. During ITMA 99 in Paris, VIGNONI presents the OPEN frame, which within a short period of time becomes a world wide commercial success due to the high technological profile of the solutions adopted. The wide range of models offered by VIGNONI to its customers amply satisfy the complex and sophisticated needs of modern knitting.