Company Profile

EXACTA was founded and developed in the second half of the 20th century, and now it is ready to face the year 2000 with new challenges. The company started out in Brignano Gera d'Adda in July of 1947, after a few hosemakers located in Brignano area needed linking machines, equipment that was extremely hard to find in the post-war period. The industry that produces men's and children's socks using circular knitting machines needs to link its products. In addition, women's stockings, initially made on Cotton looms, are also undergoing an innovative process and the use of nylon allows them to be produced on circular knitting machines. The gauges featured by linking machines for woman's stockings are 38, 40, 42 and 44, corresponding to circular knitting machines with 400-470 needles. The first linking machines for the stockings and socks industry were designed and developed back in the 1930's. The year of foundation with the EXACTA trademark is 1947. Today EXACTA is a limited liability company and the Peloggio family holds the Presidency in the person of Mr Sandro Peloggio, while his son Michele Peloggio is the Managing Director.