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Global Qiqihar Linen Mill

Company Profile

Linen Specialist - Pure Linen & All Linen Blends Our mill is recognized as one of the major producers of linen and mixed linen from China. We are strategically located in the famous linen producing region of Heilongjiang. Since production (spinning, weaving, dyeing, and garment manufacturing) commenced from 1990, our products (certified ISO9002)have been sold worldwide, with an especially strong presence in Europe, United States and Asia. Our raw material comes mainly from Western Europe, and we are well-known for our quality yarn and fabric. Yarn production. We use up to 13,000 wet-spinning spindles for an annual production of around 13,000 tons. Our yarn ranges from size Nm 8.5 - Nm 53. Fabric production. We have 150 SOMET rapier looms (up to 3 meters) and over 450 shuttle looms for an annual production of 5,000,000 yards of pure linen and 10,000,000 yards of mixed linen (interwovens & blends). We are also very much involved with developing and producing new fabrics for clients based on their designs and ideas. Knitwear. Our mill specializes in the manufacture of pure and mixed linen knitwear, finished and garment dyed. One can choose from our many designs and colors, and we can also work with client's specific designs.