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Company Profile

Baltex are specialist Warp-Knitters and Weft-Knitters, founded in 1831 by two brothers William and Francis Ball in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. They developed new fabrics and registered Patents before winning a Gold Medal for innovation at the Great Exhibtion of 1851. Since that time Baltex has continued this pattern of innovation. We have developed the skills, used to produce Pure Silk fabrics, to process and knit some of the worlds most technical fibres. It is this high degree of skill and the expertise of our workforce which have put us at the cutting edge of Technical Textiles. With a wide range of machinery and fibre types we can produce fabrics with many different characteristics, and can design and produce exactly to a customer`s specification. MISSION STATEMENT : We are working to become the UK's leading producers of knitted fabrics for technical textiles and a key player in the European marketplace. By pursuing innovative solutions from all our members of staff we provide a unique customer focus where every employee has an input into helping our customer's requirements. Through high levels of customer service and great attention to detail we prove ourselves as the favoured supplier in a number of industries. We intend to build on these strengths and whether for a new or established customer, small or large we pride ourselves in giving you a level of service you would be proud of yourselves. Today we are continuing to innovate, keeping up with the latest developments in highly technical yarns. We work closely with both suppliers and customers to find new and exciting applications for materials with high performance properties. Often a customer may only provide us with physical characteristics that they require and we will design a fabric to meet those criteria while carefully monitoring the costs.