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Orta Anadolu

Company Profile

Working with a team that includes denim expert Eddie O'Rouke, famous fashion designer Adriano Goldschmied and many fabric "gurus", ORTA ANADOLU has raised production from six million to 36 million meters... and set a new target for the future: to be the top denim producer in the world. ORTA ANADOLU is an integrated spinning, weaving, indigo dyeing and finishing textile mill. Established in Kayseri, the mill covers an area of 156.000 square meters and employs 935 people. It is the first denim manufacturer in Turkey and the second in Europe with an annual production of 36 million square meters. In its 2001 denim collection, ORTA ANADOLU is more and more defining the year's "denim fashion" by adding unique touches to quality denim textiles.