Company Profile

Picario is a leading global developer and supplier of life like visualization software to optimise product visualization in e-business marketing and sales solutions. Register yourself and get your demo software of the FACE visualization technology for free via our website www.picario.com. you will receive the FACE evaluation CD-ROM without any obligation. HOW TO VISUALIZE MILLIONS OF PRODUCTS! Visualizing products in a life like realistic setting is key issue in marketing and sales today! For example a carpet can be shown to the customer with it’s design and colour in it’s supposed environment by using the PICARIO FACE visualization technology. The FACE software of PICARIO provides an environment to present your products in all varieties quickly in a realistic life like setting. Companies can show the products physically and with the FACE technology they are able to visualize the products life like in all varieties and combinations. Such a presentation to customers as a part of a sales process creates trust in the product and the customers will easier and faster decide to buy. The technology is also applicable in other phases of the production and sales process like test marketing of new products before going into production. A fabric designer does not have to make an expensive sample of every new design. The FACE technology increases efficiency and reduces cost. The PICARIO suite of visualization software PICARIO's focus on visualization software has led to the development of the best life like visualization software in the world to the widest possible market. By listening carefully to the needs of our customers and the industry PICARIO developed the FACE suite of visualization software that contains revolutionary new Windows® based modules. The FACE software is easy to integrate into a company's website or software range, portal or CD-ROM presentation. The FACE software is based on mapping technology, in combination with digital photos prepared with PICARIO software. All products can be visualized real time and life like in all different colours and design combinations for e-business platforms and print applications. We offer our software modules with the very latest technological tools. Our products give you the power to choose exactly what you need to meet the challenges of today's competitive market. Specifically developed to bring flexibility and power to every aspect of product visualization in marketing and sales solutions. The PICARIO FACE suite of visualization software solutions contains all of the tools necessary to prepare and create images with the FACE Creator, use them in a multimedia environment, view them over the web and integrate in third party software all possible by using the FACE Software Development Kit (SDK). Free of charge CD-ROM with demo software Products: FACE Creator FACE Viewer FACE Designer FACE Software Development Kit FACEbox Application