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  • Offer Profile
  • MetraLabs Robotics unites engineers with specializations in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science. Each of us has had experience in demanding projects within the automobile industry, the automation technologies, or a scientific environment. Most of us have an international background. Interdisciplinary knowledge, combined diverse approaches, is mixed in a new way to meet the challenges of a mobile robot.

    MetraLabs produces high-performance mobile robot platforms and complete service robot applications for a day-to-day usage. Our main fields are mobile monitoring, flexible intralogistics, mobile service guides and mobile robots for research.

    Our mission is to create robots that inspire. We combine approved industrial technologies, safety standards and cutting-edge robotics' research.
Product Portfolio
  • Mobile robot platforms and complete service robot applications

    • SCITOS G5

    • A professional mobile platform, combining the advatages of an industrial robot with the flexibility of a research robot.

      With SCITOS G5 the team of MetraLabs Robotics succeeded in developing a mobile robot platform that, for the first time, provides a bridge between the world of industrial robotics and research robotics. SCITOS G5 combines the advantages of industrial robots, such as robustness and longevity, with the mobility and flexibility of a research robot, which are necessary for the development of mobile and interactive robotic applications.

      The mobility of the SCITOS G5 is based on a maintenance-free differential drive with a five year warranty. The drive system is able to move the 60 kg platform at a speed of up to 1.4 m/s and handles payloads of up to 50 kg without any difficulties.
    • SCITOS Mobile Manipulator

    • A SCITOS G5 attached with a robotic arm. With the addition of this mobile manipulator, precise and delicate transportation tasks are possible.

      The SCITOS G5 Mobile Manipulator is perfect for precise transportation needs. With the robotic arm the robot is able to transport fragile objects to specific locations with an astonishing accuracy of 2-3 cm. The SCITOS is not a purely A to B type of robot but has the ability to transport objects from anywhere to anywhere. Implemented with the CogniDrive software there are no environmental changes as well as external sensors or markers necessary.

      The SCHUNK modular robotic arm is completely customizable with any number of joints making the degrees of freedom completely depended on customers wishes and specifications. This is a great way to cut cost and increase production since the robot does not need lunch breaks and can work seven days a week only needing a break to recharge the batteries.
    • SCITOS A5

    • A versatile mobile service-guide which provides users valuable information via speech or a touch screen at any location.

      SCITOS [saitoz] A5 is a versatile mobile service-robot, which pleasantly communicates with people. Driving and approaching people autonomously, it certainly works well implemented at the "Point-of-Sale", an exhibition booth or inside an office building.

      It neatly displays videos or presentations on the integrated touch-screen display along with the audio sound system. Comprehensible speech and music can be played back as well as synthesized, and, depending on the aimed situation, it is able to sound confidence-building serious or it accommodates to a sympathizing funny mood.
    • SCITOS Tray Transporter

    • A mobile tray transporter that is able to fully autonomously carry out flexible intra-logistics tasks.

      The SCITOS Tray Transporter is perfect for fast food restaurants and cafeterias. The Tray Transporter is able to detect when it is full of trays with dirty dishes and then fully autonomously brings these dishes into the kitchen in order to be cleaned. The advantages this robot brings is the fact that unpleasant and disturbing dirty dishes are no longer left in the dinning area any longer than they need to be. Employees no longer have to constantly check how full the tray racks are and can then focus more on the preparation of food and serving customers.
    • CogniDrive

    • Autonomous Navigation Software for a highly dynamical and robust driveability in combination with any robot or AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle).

      The SCITOS CogniDrive is the navigation software developed by MetraLabs GmbH. It is used in all of the SCITOS-based applications and therefore optimized for the usage in complex and fast-changing environments. The main attributes of a navigation software - robustness and reliability - are proven by the SCITOS CogniDrive, which has been driven hundreds of kilometers in different industrial and retail situations.
  • Applications

    • Mobile Monitoring

    • The SCITOS G5 is perfect for mobile monitoring, combining two worlds: The robustness and longevity of an industrial robot and the mobility and flexibility of a service robot. SCITOS G5 is able to carry out tasks including: measuring, monitoring, observing, and testing. SCITOS G5 is a mobile robot system with a building block principle thus making it compatible with an endless list of instruments and add-ons. Nearly every measurement system can be integrated from simple temperature sensors to complex emission analyzers. The potential for production improvements are immense. The reasons that differentiate the SCITOS G5 from ordinary mobile robotic platforms are:

      - Fully Autonomous
      - Return on Investment within 1 year
      - Reduces Production Risks
      - Low-Maintenance
      - Environmental changes are not necessary
      - Autonomous Recharging
      - Data Transfer via WiFi
    • Flexible Intralogistics

    • With our navigation software, CogniDrive, goods can be transported from any to any location within warehouses, buildings or laboratories. Without having to make changes to the environment CogniDrive is able to completely autonomously navigate vehicles through any work place. Also in a work place that is ever changing it is very easy to reprogram the navigation system making it even more versatile.

      - 2-3cm precision
      - From anywhere to anywhere
      - Autonomous navigation and localization of AGV's
      - Low-cost
      - No environmental changes necessary

      CogniDrive can be integrated in any AGV's to make them more intelligent, reliable, and overall enlarge their fields of application, plus in comparison to other products, we virtually eliminate installation costs.

      Equipped with CogniDrive our mobile robot platform SCITOS G5 can transport goods of up to 50 kg from anywhere to anywhere within buildings. It is ideally suited for laboratories to transport samples from one workstation to another. The advantages that SCITOS brings are that it is reliable and has automatically tracks all of its progress at which time it was at which station for how long. This makes logging information pertaining to samples very easy.

      Furthermore, with the building block principle the SCITOS G5 is able to be combined with a multitude of mechanical manipulators and/or transportation trays allowing for an extremely user oriented configuration.With the transformation from human driven machines to fully autonomous one removes people out of potential danger.
    • Mobile Service Guide

    • The SCITOS A5 is a Mobile Service Guide that is able to deliver information to users in a more direct and interactive way. The amount of information the robot is able to deliver is vast and can be adjusted to fit any environment and activity. The SCITOS A5 is able to personally guide people to desired locations as well as, on its display screen, show videos and play music to either market to, entertain, or educate people. With the SCITOS A5 autonomously navigating around its environment searching for people to help, it is a very good eye-catcher and is very well accepted by users. The SCITOS A5 is very low maintenance and low-cost making it a very nice addition to any work force.

      - Shopping robots
      - Exhibition guides
      - Airport/Train station Information Terminal

      Currently the SCITOS A5 is in service in a number of toom Baumarkt Home Improvement Store throughout Germany and the new co-workers have been integrated very well and have enriched the overall work place. Customers are very satisfied with SCITOS A5 because he knows exactly where everything is.

      For more references such as Ally and Roger in the real,- future store, click on the references link at the top of the page.
  • Research

  • SCITOS [saitoz] G5 is the professional mobile platform for your research. It provides a bridge between the world of industrial robotics and the world of research robotics: For the first time, a mobile base combines the advantages of industrial robots, such as robustness and longevity, with the mobility and flexibility of a research robot. We believe that this is essential for today's robotics research.
    • Navigation, human-robot-interaction, manipulation

    • One for almost all

      SCITOS G5 is adaptable to almost every application in an indoor environment - not only hypothetically speaking: It handles payloads of up to 50 kg (110 Ibs) without curtailing the driving performance. The center of gravity of the 60 kg (130 Ibs) platform is very low. So, besides standard components like laser range finders or cameras you can conveniently install robot arms, touch displays or our unique robot head. Everything with the same mobile base. The accessibility of mechanical and electrical interfaces helps you change the platform according to your needs.
    • Accelerate your work

    • With SCITOS G5 research results can be produced faster, because we want you to be able to concentrate on your real work. Instead of laboriously harmonizing peripheries, you can focus more on what the robot has to be capable of, and SCITOS G5 will provide you with everything you need to reach your goals. Use the 2 RS232, 2 Firewire, 5 USB ports or the CAN bus to connect your own devices. Power them with 5, 12 or 24 Volts. Fix them without drilling holes. You will see, there are many acute details that will make your daily research easier. And if you have a problem - a designated professional is available to help.
    • Developed for the real world

    • We use the SCITOS G5 technology for our robotic applications, like mobile shopping assistants, and drive about a thousand miles a year in an indoor environment on concrete, composite pavement or floor tiles. For that reason, the mobile base is equipped with a maintenance-free differential drive including a five year warranty. Equipped with a sophisticated safety concept, the platform conforms to the European CE-guidelines. The closed bumper stops the mobile base in case of collisions. SCITOS G5 was tested and certified by the German Technical Inspection Agency.
    • Up-to-date

    • SCITOS G5 is controlled by an Embedded PC with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor and a multitude of small hardware units which monitor several functions of the robot. The hierarchical energy-saving concept in conjunction with the energy-saving units enables a long run-time. Two lead-acid gel batteries with an overall charge of 42 Amps-hrs operate the platform for up to 12 hours in normal usage. In our shopping robot application, i.e. the robot drives, energising a laser range finder, the embedded PC with image processing, touch display etc., we achieved a run-time of about 8 hours. The integrated charging unit ensures that SCITOS G5 is also easy to use outside of the lab. All features considered, the SCITOS platform will work every time much like a plug & work robot.