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  • Offer Profile
  • GEFERTEC develops new methods for the production of metallic parts that extend beyond the limits of conventional production processes, thereby offering unique possibilities to designers, engineers and companies.

    GEFERTEC is the first and only company worldwide that provides the market with the revolutionary 3DMP® technology that is based on modern arc welding in the form of ready-to-use production machinery.

    The arc machine series offers perfect manufacturing solutions for metalworking companies as well as for research and development institutions.
Product Portfolio
  •  3DMP® process

  • 3DMP® combines the technically mature and highly reliable arc welding method with the CAD data of the metal parts that are to be produced. The interface between the planning data of the engineers and developers, on the one hand, and the arc-welding machine, on the other hand, is our bespoke software that takes the CAD data and converts them into individual digital printing layers, the so-called CAM models. Then, the blank part is printed fully automatically and in a controlled manner. This step is followed by a 3D scan for quality control and finally the milling of the finished part.
      • Wire instead of powder

      • 3DMP® uses wire as the starting material.
        Compared to powder, wire offers the following advantages:
        • Nearly 100 % material utilisation
        • Uncomplicated storage
        • Low material costs
        • Easy handling
        • Optimum processability
        • Extensive selection of materials
      • Arc welding

      • In conventional welding, an electric arc is used to join metals. We make full use of our extensive expertise and the advantages of this mature technology in order to offer the layered printing of several metal layers in a fully automatic, digitally controlled and easy to use manner.
      • Conventional manufacturing versus 3DMP®

      • 3DMP® can replace all the types of conventional manufacturing and machining methods for metal parts, such as forming, cutting, joining, coating, milling, turning, etc.

        Compared to the conventional manufacturing of near-net-shape parts for mechanical finishing, 3DMP® is definitely the most economically efficient additive manufacturing method with production cost savings in the range of up to 60% versus conventional manufacturing.

        The reduction in the process, material, investment and production costs results from the fact that 3DMP® only has 3 steps instead of a large number of conventional process steps.
      • Benefits

        • Outstanding design freedom
        • New market opportunities
        • Innovations and new products
        • Higher deposition rates
        • Greater diversity of materials
        • Improved mechanical properties
        • Large parts up to 3 m³
        • Economically efficient as of a batch size of 1
        • The most economically efficient additive method for the production of metallic parts
        • Reduction of manufacturing costs by up to 60%
        • Reduced number of manufacturing steps
        • Lower process costs
        • Lower material costs
        • Lower investment costs
        • Maximum material utilization
    •  3DMP® process - Technology & Features

        • Technology

        • The arc series combines the technically mature and proven arc-welding method with the CAD drawings of the product designers and engineers in a completely new production system.

          Either 3 or 5 motion axes offer maximum flexibility in terms of the component volume and enable the additive production of high-quality metal parts.

          The integration of an optional milling system into the arc machines ensures the immediate finishing of the parts. The fact that all of the machines include a SIEMENS control unit that has been specifically developed for machine tools is a synonym for easy handling by the operator.

          During the design and development phase of the arc series, special emphasis was placed on the following points:
          • Easy implementation into the customer’s production process
          • Easy operation of the machines
        • Features

        • Innovative series features that inspire
          • Process monitoring by camera
          • Access to the machine at the ground level without a threshold through a roll-up door with a working table that can be moved out of the machine for easy loading and unloading by way of a crane
          • Base plate with active cooling
          • Soundproof housing
            Integrated case ventilation and welding fume extraction system
          • Operator-friendly user interface
          • High-end components of well-known manufacturers
          Modular optional equipment
          • Temperature monitoring by an integrated
          • Sensortherm pyrometer
            arc cooling system for localised cooling with cooling gas
          • Automatic torch cleaning system
          • Water-cooled inert gas cover for oxygen-sensitive materials
      • 3DMP- machining centers

      • 3D metal printers for industrial production.

          • arc603

          • 3-axis machining: Production of metallic components up to 3.0 m³ with a maximum mass of 3000 kg.
          • arc605

          • 5-axis machining: Production of metallic components up to 0.8 m³ with a maximum mass of 500 kg.
          • arc403

          • 3-axis machining: Production of metallic components up to 0.72 m³ with a maximum mass of 800 kg.
          • arc405

          • 5-axis machining: Production of metallic components up to 0.06 m³ with a maximum mass of 200 kg.