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    BISO-Schrattenecker has a long tradition of improving working performance and increasing harvest yields. The company has been a dependable partner to the farmer since 1936. Highly innovative, state-of-the-art technology, leading brands, and a wide selection of second-hand machinery are currently produced or sold at three company outlets. Highly trained technicians provide prompt customer service to ensure smooth running of the BISO product range in over 30 countries worldwide.
Product Portfolio
  • BISO Products

  • Biso products increase the achievement and the yield of each combine.
    • combine harvester
    • BISO VX CROP RANGER Highline

    • The variable multi-crop header for top performance

      Performance-limiting headers are a thing of the past.
      With this cutter your harvester will achieve top performance.
      Harvest yield increased by up to 10 %.

      Harvest all types of crop (except maize) without changing the header.

      Use a joystick alongside the driver's seat while moving to:
      Adjust the cutting bar smoothly by 70 cm
      Adjust reel fingers

      Switch the rapeseed separator on/off

      Sunflower auxiliary harvesting equipment
      Convert for rape seed in 5 minutes

      The movable cutter bar base offers a step less adjustable distance of 70 cm to achieve a continuous optimal cutting position at all time in regard to the current crop stands, on the move. Due to these circumstances an all time gentle and up to now unachieved constant feeding to the threshing unit of the combine is achieved. The cut material is always brought in with the heads first to the
      threshing section, and therefore much softer and more efficient threshing
      is guaranteed – for this positive threshing effect as a result many documentations from several scientist, exist since a long time. An increase of the combine performance up to 15 – 20% is quite normal. This event causes also less energy
      consumption and reduced wearing of all threshing components.

      The BISO VX Crop Ranger is designed for harvesting all kind of field crops
      (except corn, maize) because there is no conversion or reconstruction between field crops required, all necessary components are installed and remain on the header at all time.
    • BISO PROFI trailer for VX CROP RANGER

    • To reach the place of destination safely and without problems

      This cutter carriage declares standard points, which so far have been considered unreachable: Easy loading and unloading, smooth trailing and sharp turn radius.

      Trailer keeps the path behind the harvester even on narrow roads due to its special design precise and extremely restful.

      A stable pivot at the front carriage axle allows a very stamp turn in a small radius. Narrow passages can be also be accomplished rather easily.
      Safe support on four wheels enables a simple loading and un-loading of this harvesting equipment.
      The back axe is located beside the sloping transport channel of the harvester. It means a free space for pull in during loading.

      The slope angle of the seating faces can be adjusted. 

      The cutter is safely secured in place by strong, moveable pins.

      The carriage axle and a drawbar connection hinge are properly weight balanced.

      Cutter headers , with cutting widths about 9 m, can be transported smoothly and safely.

      The effective brake design for brake-load of 4.300 kg.
    • combine rapeseed
    • BISO INTEGRAL CX 100 Header extension for rapeseed harvesting

    • Grain losses at the cutter bar are no longer a problem.

      Up to 200 kg/ha higher yield.

      Significantly faster harvesting even under difficult conditions

      Perfect Technology:
      Self-supporting sandwich construction with up to 10 m of cutting width, integrated drive with oil bath gearbox and hydraulic system.

      1.30 m high-capacity rape seed separator (Optional: Can be switched on/off from the cab)

      Fitting all reaper attachments to the cutter bar is simple and requires no tools.
    • BISO INTEGRAL rape seed separator

    • BISO INTEGRAL rape seed separator.

      This patented solution shows many excellent functions.

      Significant losses decreasing due to a slender construction Incomparable reaping performance
      Mature technology – calm running – minimal abrasion
      Cutting height 1.350 mm – The level from the ground can be adjusted
      simple assembly
    • BISO SWIFT trailer

    • For ease and safety in transporting your cutter to the field.

      - Adjustable elevator pipe for cutter widths of up to 10 m.
      - Simple attachment of cutter using 2 handles.
      - Height adjustable axle.
      - Height adjustable cutter attachment and drawbar.
      - Angle of cutter attachments adjustable.
    • BISO FLEX cutting attachment for soybeans and peas

    • BISO FLEX cutting attachment for soybeans and peas.

      This reaping device brings a full yield of the harvest.

      Highest Economy – bigger harvest yield 200 – 300 kg/ha is not rare

      Faster Harvest
      The unique BISO system of ground copying enables cutting close to the ground even if a long cutter bar has been used.

      Side separation knife (optional)
      Assembly to a cutting table of all kinds of harvesters is simple without tools.
    • BISO chaff spreading distributor

    • BISO introduces a new standard regarding the chaff separation and in this way significantly increases the crop yield from your fields.

      The ground provides higher yield by 10 % because chaff are optimally evenly dropped along the cutter bar.

      The chemical fertilizers can be limited because chaff contribute to increase. nitrogen compounds and reduce an acid character of the ground.
      An optimal gradual setting of the scattering width (optional).

      No obstacles when accessing the screens.
      Dealing with long straw putting-off or chopped straw operation doesn't make any problem.
    • BISO TITAN 2000 Straw chopper

    • Straw is capital working for you in the soil.

      rapid decomposition.

      The driver can select the required grade of chaff from the comfort of the cab.

      High-quality titanium blades considerably increase durability.

      A new type of cross bar ensures that stalks lying lengthways do not pass through unchopped.

      The extremely robust design provides vibration-free running and high resistance to wear and tear.