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  • Offer Profile
  • BISO Schrattenecker has a long tradition of improving working performance and increasing harvest yields. The company has been a dependable partner to the farmer since 1936. Highly innovative, state-of-the-art technology, leading brands, and a wide selection of second-hand machinery are currently produced or sold at three company outlets. Highly trained technicians provide prompt customer service to ensure smooth running of the BISO product range in over 30 countries worldwide.
Product Portfolio
  • Harvesting

      • Header

          • BISO Ultralight 800

          • This header is the Ultimate for the professional and sets new standards in the harvesting technology. It opens a new dimension in fast and loss-free harvesting in all soil- and crop conditions, and this for cutting widths up to 16 m.

            By using lightweight technologies from the airline- and car industries the header frame is made of aluminum, combined with high strength steel and stainless steel, which is the basis for this unique Vario header.
          • BISO VX Crop Ranger


            For many years of complete satisfaction of our custumers the VX CROP RANGER models Trendline and Highline are characterized by the robust and durable header frame. This enables cutting widths up to 9 m.

            All optional Highlights can be ordered addtionally for the model Trendline. For the Highline Premium model all Highlights are standard except the splashguard.
          • BISO INTEGRAL CX

          • This header extension, that has proved itself over 10.000 times. It has been successful without any kind of restriction and has become to an essential tool for our clients.

            Especially through its numerious technical details like horizontal and vertical steps in the bed,
            constant flat under-floor and high performance side knives, the losses are completely minimized.
            A device, that pays for itself in the shortest time.
          • BISO Soja-Flex

          • Customers working with the Soja-flex, appreciate its function, because with the
            BISO „area-adjustment-system“ also the fruitful lower part of the plant can be harvested,
            resulting in significant increase in yield.
          • BISO Cornpower

          • This cornpower is constructed for professional agriculture for the harvest of big fields.

            The rigid frame and the robust, reliable row units with the optimal position of the horizontal
            chopper guarantee the highest performances in the field.

            Whether 5-, 6- or 8 rows, the Cornpower has proven, that it delivers what it promises.
          • BISO Sunpower

            • Constant harvest through feeding chain
            • The vibrating device at the feeder brings the crop completely into the combine
            • Horizontally rotating cutting knives with an overload facility via a clutch with friction discs
            • Hydraulic angle adjustment for adapting to different harvesting conditions (Option)
        • Backoptions

            • BISO Profi Steer

            • The Profi Steer is the Ultimate under the header trailers. The trailer is characterized by the hydraulic rear steering axle, which ensures an excellent manoeuvrability even in tight corners or going around roundabouts, so moving of large headers with a combine or tractor is now easy.

              Further advantages are the front axle with full width for better driving comfort and the lower structure of the turntable, which shortens the total length of the trailer.
            • BISO Profi

            • The BISO PROFI trailer is suitable for cutting width up to 10,7 m. The trailer is attractive for its smooth and comfortable manoeuvrability due to the two axles with turntable at the front.

              The optimal positioning of the rear axle outside of the feeder house prevents collisions when loading or unloading the header.
            • BISO Tandem

            • The BISO TANDEM trailer is suitable for cutting widths up to 9,15 m. The Tandem axle allows the very good weight distribution and reversing without problems.
            • BISO Swift

            • The economical SWIFT trailer with extendable axle is suitable for cutting width up to 7,3 m.

              Both axle and supports are freely movable and adjustable depending on customer requirements
              and allow an optimal adaptation to each header.
            • BISO Titan 2000 Straw chopper

            • Straw is capital working for you in the soil.

              rapid decomposition.

              The driver can select the required grade of chaff from the comfort of the cab.

              High-quality titanium blades considerably increase durability.

              A new type of cross bar ensures that stalks lying lengthways do not pass through unchopped.

              The extremely robust design provides vibration-free running and high resistance to wear and tear.
            • BISO chaff spreading distributor

            • BISO introduces a new standard regarding the chaff separation and in this way significantly increases the crop yield from your fields.

              The ground provides higher yield by 10 % because chaff are optimally evenly dropped along the cutter bar.

              The chemical fertilizers can be limited because chaff contribute to increase. nitrogen compounds and reduce an acid character of the ground.
              An optimal gradual setting of the scattering width (optional).

              No obstacles when accessing the screens.
              Dealing with long straw putting-off or chopped straw operation doesn't make any problem.
          • Implements

              • Fieldboss

              • Harrow is available in three versions, with three working widths (5, 6 and 7 m), which covers the ranges for use with tractors between 200 and 370 hp.

                Productivity can be estimated between 6.2 and 8.4 ha / h, depending on working width chosen. In short, disc harrow BISO FIELDBOSS can be characterized by: SAFETY, ROBUSTNESS and TECHNICAL COMFORT.
              • Kompakt

              • Working width: 3m, 4m, 6m
                Power requirements: 100 to 200 hp, depending on working width
                Working depth: 3-15 cm
              • Crop Trailer

              • The system for the future – perfect in the detail
                • Load capacity from 15 to 45 m3
                • 2- and 3-axle-chassis with leaf spring suspension and air brakes
                • Simple haulage of heavy loads in extreme soil conditions because of the heavy duty steering axles
                • Optimal load sharing through the use of a spring-loaded drawbar with a point-of-pull-adjustement
                • Different tyre-sizes
                • Safe and easy connection of the trailer because of the hydraulically adjustable drawbar
                • 40 km/h driving speed
                • 3-axle-trailer with front-cylinder and independent hydraulic system
                • Hydraulically opening tail gate with integrated corn-slide

                • Hinged, hydraulically driven unloading auger

                From professionals to professionals! technique, safetey, profitably and comfort, these are the deceiding criterias for a lucrative investition.

                The most important things for the progressive business are:
                • High power of impact during the harvest
                • Maximal use in all conditions