• Exhibition for and agricultural machinery, bailing equipment, tractors and forestry
Agriculture Expo
  • A1: Agricultural vehicles, trucks and transportation

  • A2: Combining, Chopping and Baling

  • A3: Fruit, Vegetable and Special Crops Machinery

  • A4: Agricultural Machinery for Soil and Cultivation

  • A5: Construction and Buildings

  • A6: Replacement Parts and Accessories

  • A7: Forestry Machines & Equipment

  • A8: Renewable Energy Systems

    • 23
      • Biogas Energy

      • Biogas and biomethane plants, biogas heating and electricity systems...
    • 24
      • Solar Energy

      • Agricultural solar systems and small solar systems for home owners...
    • 25
      • Wind Energy

      • Residential and small wind turbines, off grid systems and distributed wind...
    • 26
      • Hydro Energy

      • Water power plants, waterwheels and water mills for agricultural use...
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    • biomass pump
    biogas plant

    NEMO® B.Max® robust and flexible in biogas production


    The production of biogas requires continuous supply to the fermenter to ensure an uninterrupted fermentation process [...]

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    • telescopic wheel loader
    biogas engine

    6680 T telescopic wheel loader with up to 4.90 m lifting height


    The new loader is driven by a 55 kW (75 HP) Deutz turbo diesel engine of the latest generation, and complies with emission standard IIIB [...]

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    • vehicle safety
    biogas container

    Fliegl Scout helps prevent accident & improve safety


    Every year, serious and sometimes fatal accidents occur especially when reversing. The need for action is obvious [...]

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    • windrowers
    biogas container

    Self-Propelled Windrower: faster cutting speeds & better maneuverability


    The W155 Self-Propelled Windrower is designed to increase performance and uptime while cutting and curing grain and forage [...]