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  • Offer Profile
  • KIRPY is a medium-sized company with 42 employees, established in suburban Agen, France, specialized in the manufacturing of farm machines.

    The company sells, in France and abroad, soil-conditioning tools (heavy cultivators, chisels…) and specific tools to handle all stone problems (crushers, windrowers, pickers).
Product Portfolio
  • Public Works

  • From the first stone crushers of the time to today’s huge “yellow series”, we offer a unique experience to professionals in public works, forestry, and mountains. Kirpy is continually researching, innovating and testing its equipment and developing it technically for better reliability.
    • Stone Crusher BPS

    • Public works and forestry, Agricultural or the mountains. Speed and effectiveness of work, this is the KIRPY BPS concept which the form of:
      - A large diameter rotor
      - A carefully planned distribution of the hammers for even work,
      - A hydraulically controlled breaker anvil,
      - Automatic belt tensioning
      - Mountain crushing work: marking out and preparation of ski run
      - Forestry work: creation and repairs to forest paths or fire breaks.
      - Pipe-line laying: crushing of excavation products for laying beds and covering (Patented).
      - Road construction

      BPS: power, quality and adaptability
      • Needed power: 220 hp
      • Work depth: 25 cm
      • Granulometry: 0-400 to 0-20
      • Production: 300 to 800 m3/h
    • Stone Crusher WX

    • Large capacity, powerful, compact and rugged, specifically adapted for public work sites, the WX excels in the crushing and processing according the grain size measurement required of excavation equipment on a depth of 30 to 35 cm.

      Its technical features meet the state-of-the-art performance level and is of rugged construction (abrasion-resistant steel structure, with hydropneumatic safety anvil…)

      WX : powerful, compact and strong, a large crusher for public works.
      • Needed power: 250 hp
      • Work depth: 40 to 45 cm
      • Granulometry: 0-600 to 0-60
      • Production: 300 to 800 m3/h
      • Working speed: 300 to 800 m per hour
      • Centralized lubrication system
    • Stone Crusher BSC

    • Capacité de broyage inégalée :
      - Capable de traiter un sol pierreux entre 35 et 40 cm de profondeur.
      - Grand choix de granulométrie grâce à son enclume réglable hydraulique pour répondre à tous les
      types de chantiers (de 0-20 à 0-100 / Pierres en entrée de 0-600)
  • Stones

  • Preparing the soil
    In order of the stones to be crushed or picked up, they must be mobile. We recommend the use of heavy cultivator type NS and if the density of stone is low, use stone aligners type AN

    Treating the stone
    From the first stone crushers of the time to today’s huge “yellow series”, we offer a unique experience to professionals in public works, forestry, agricultural or mountains. Picking is still the best answer for eliminating hard stones such as flint, granite and shingle.
    • Stone heavy cultivator NS

    • Stone clearance

      The KIRPY are equipped with blades security. These extremely robust pieces of equipment are used for:
      • 50 cm deep scarifying
      • Replacing the ploughing
      • Breaking up the road
      • Extirpating the stones
      • Optional equipment: break harrow roller
    • Brake harrow roller RE

    • Brake harrow

      Extremely sturdy, the clod breaker works behind tine implements. This breaker of big diameter (60 cm) with helicoidally profile of plane section is able to break clods while avoiding breaker stuffing
    • Stone-aligners AN 32 and AN 52

    • KIRPY ALIGNERS are of simple and robust design and allow all types of stone to be worked (Flint, Granite, Basalt, Limestone etc...), of any shape (round, flat etc...)
    • BPB type stone crusher, farm work, and civil engineering

    • Kirpy’s study, innovation and development process focused on enhanced machine reliability is ongoing. KIRPY is constantly aware of the concerns of civil engineering, farm or mountain professionals and the firm is widening its range to include BPB type crushers with their adjustable and retractable anvil.

      The BPBS is in its element working on swathes or unworked ground. Its demands on tractor power are not unreasonable and it is suitable for any site.

      Extremely robust construction these stone crushers are used for:
      - Crushing the stones in the fields
      - Clearing grounds of undergrounds of undergrowth and making rural paths and forest roads

      On the strength of their many years experience in the field of stone-crushing, KIRPY has developed a new generation of machines witch every detail has been studded and tested in the most difficult conditions.
    • Mobile hammer stone crushers BP / BPR

    • Constructed using the best steels, the BP and BPR crushers are particularly efficient stone crusher.

      Mostly used in agriculture, from vineyards to open fields, the Bp range provides good all-round site performance (intake: 0.65 m to 1.85 m)

      The BPR is built according the same principles as the BP. It has a rotor with mobile hammers and the following pluses:
      • Reinforced frame
      • Double belt drive
      • Hydraulic rear door
      • Free wheel fitted as standard, integrated into the bevel gear box
    • Stone picker type 3420

    • Safety and quality :
      • Floating rotor,
      • Torque limiter on the transmission,
      • Removable grid to separate stones from earth,
      • Rotor teeth retract individually,
      • Preserves the soil and remain stable thanks to 4 wheels on a balance beam,
      • A simple 4 function electric box provides control over the machine.
      • 40 to 50 tons/hour
  • Harvesting machines

  • RMTD - tobacco harvester for type brown and burley

  • - Arm increase of 25 cm
    - Circular saw for notch

    This patented machine cuts the stalk of tobacco plants, its allows the plant notch for hanging up and it loads up into the trailer without any manual intervention (capacity of 1800 to 2500 plants/hours). Yielding, quality of work, comfort of tobacco producers.
  • RGA - asparagus harvester

  • RGA picks up all the asparagus on the mound, takes the asparagus to a manual sorting mat and works the mound over.

    All the functions of the machine are hydraulic, with electric controls actuated from the tractor cab.
    At the rate of 8 hours per day, RGA is capable of picking the vegetable over an operating area of 10 to 15 hectares.
    The profitability factor of this piece of equipment is assured with an extremely quick return on investment with reduced labor force.