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  • In ai-solution the future automation sector for agriculture will be concentrated and expanded.

    Being a subsidiary company of ASM Dimatec Germany, ai-solution can draw from long-lasting experiences in the automation of production processes in the industrial sector and in the production of automobiles. These experiences can be optimally transferred to the processes in agriculture.
Product Portfolio
  • KIRPY- Asparagus Harvester

  • The innovative asparagus harvester enables fast and efficient harvesting. It minimizes personnel costs and personnel dependency while  imaximizing the harvesting speed. Productivity is also increased as the harvester can be operated up to 24 hours a day.

    Proven improvement in asparagus quality increases the profit.
    The quality and hygiene of the fields is significantly improved by Kirpy. The machine loosens the soil and frees it from stones and old stalks, which significantly promotes the straight growth of the asparagus. In contrast to hand harvesting, russeting is reduced to a minimum. This increases the profit through more quality per kilo.
      • Kirpy with integrated foil guide

      • For high yielding asparagus plants we recommend the long version of the Kirpy. Due to a longer picking belt in the rear area, it offers space for 6 workers (standard version - 4 places). This allows a higher harvesting speed to be achieved in normal yield plants. In high-yielding systems, the harvesting speed does not have to be reduced in order to collect all the asparagus, despite the increased asparagus volume. With this option, the amount of asparagus produced per hour increases by up to 50% while machine costs remain the same.
      • Straight Rods

      • The asparagus changes its growth to batch growth when harvested by machine. The spears become distinctly straighter and whiter .
    • How it works

        • Step 1: Cutting open the dam

        • The innovative asparagus harvester takes up the entire ridge 6 to 8 cm above the root surface
        • Step 2: Sifting out soil, stalks, weeds and clods

        • Soil and asparagus are carefully conveyed and separated via a sieve chain.
        • Step 3: Collecting the asparagus

        • The asparagus is then collected by hand on a sorting belt and stored in crates on the collecting platform behind the machine.
        • Step 4: Rebuilding the dam

        • In the machine, the soil is separated from stones and dirt. Lastly, a perfect dam is reshaped and rebuilt. the Kirpy makes it possible to move the dam after a sloping plow-up or to raise the dam after the first passage.
      • KIRPY- Self-drive

      • The trailed Kirpy becomes a self-propelled machine by installing it in the Braud SB/VL implement carrier system from New Holland. These are used worldwide in the grape harvest.

        Reduce harvesting costs. Stay flexible.

        Various upgrades to the basic machine significantly expand the utilization range:
        • Additional hydraulic pump circuit with 5-fold pump
        • Additional oil tank with separate, large oil cooling system
        • 3-point linkage at the front
        • 3-point pick-up at the rear
        • Foil wrapping / mini tunnel laying and spraying

        At the same time, the full functionality of the grape harvester is maintained.
          • Perfectly applicable for heavy soils, too!

          • Kiryp reliably masters sloping sites and heavy soils.
          • Additional harvest time at night.

          • New selling point to the neighbor - fresher Moonglow asparagus.
          • Short turning circle

        • How it works

        • Asparagus harvesting is carried out according to the same principle as for the towed version.

          The special feature of the implement carrier with integrated Kirpy is the compact, shorter overall length of the machine and the additional multiple use. The asparagus harvester can be hooked into or unhooked from the implement carrier frame within a short time and has a very small turning circle.
            • Octopus Foil Guide

                  • Octopus Foil Guide

                  • The foil guide is used as a front attachment. The connection to the front hydraulics, the front loader or as a fixed attachment to the tractor or implement carrier is already provided as standard.

                    The foil guide is suitable both for the Kirpy as an automatic foil transfer system and in hand harvesting as a harvesting aid or for fast 2-row turning of the foil from black to white.

                    Other applications include foil folding after harvesting and foil laying at the beginning of the season.