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  • Laverda’s intention is to act as a soundly based reference point for all those customers who require a “specialistic” answer to their need for increasingly more modern and profitable harvesting, in an ever more specialized farming context. Laverda’s mission therefore includes the designing, manufacturing and marketing phases of a combine harvester, and a full range of machines and solutions as well as sales and technical services.
Product Portfolio

  • Productivity and reliability as standard features. Laverda is perfectly aware of what the people involved in agriculture need: productivity, a comfortable work environment, reliability and service. Each model in the M Series SPECIAL POWER is created with a precise goal in mind: that of satisfying the multiple demands from the market with technical innovations and solutions which are part of the exclusive Laverda system. Aspects which are the features that make the difference and guarantee increasingly more performance-oriented combines, the advantage being unrivalled simplicity when it comes to operation.
      • M Series SPECIAL POWER Rice

      • M Series SPECIAL POWER Rice combines have been created to meet quality rice cultivation requirements even in countries where the climate allows more than 2 harvests per year. Cutting header with GSAX (the automatic system that adapts to the ground and achieves intelligent cutting), feeder with retractable fingers (PFR) able to even out the most intertwined rice crop and feed the threshing components in a perfect manner, special drum and concave with spiked teeth. Reliable machines that ensure quality harvesting for any variety of rice.
      • M Series SPECIAL POWER Levelling System

      • Always up to your expectations. They dominate the hills and even work at optimum efficiency where crops are grown on slopes. Thanks to the exclusive system that compensates for inclines, the M Series SPECIAL POWER Levelling System combines make sure that the machine remains perfectly level and keep the cutting header aligned with the ground. A guarantee for high efficiency, versatility and a fade-free production rate. The exclusive M 304 SPECIAL POWER LS 4WD Integrale model implements these advantages thanks to the adoption of the rear levelling device. This allows the combine to work up slopes of as much as 30% and up to 10% downhill.
      • M Series SPECIAL POWER

      • Productivity and reliability as standard supply. Each model in the M Series SPECIAL POWER has been created to comply with the multiple demands from the global market with technical innovations and solutions that are part of the exclusive Laverda system: GSAX, Ground Self Alignment Extra for intelligent cutting; PFR, Prepare and Feeding Roller for perfect feeding; MCS Plus, the Multi Crop Separator Plus that efficiently and delicately threshes and separates the crops. COMMODORE Cab, the ideal environment for the operator's well-being and efficiency.
    • LCS Series

    • Rationality that produces income. The new LCS Laverda Crop System series of combines is positioned in the medium-high bracket of the market, the target being to meet farming needs in a competitive way when it comes to costs, while ensuring a high quality crop. First and foremost, the series stands out for the high performance rates provided by all models, achieved by the ability of the combines to easily adapt to different harvesting conditions.
        • LCS Levelling System Series

        • The levelling system that tames every hill. The LCS Series offers two “Levelling System” versions equipped with the exclusive levelling device that keeps the body of the machine perfectly level even across slopes exceeding 20% crosswide and over 8% in the longitudinal direction. As part of the standard outfit also feature the OPTION-FOUR device. This allows you to use the levelling function in the crosswise direction only. On different sorts of terrain, the longitudinal levelling device can be activated as well, all in a fully automatic way while you’re seated in the cab.The tried and tested 4WD device is available as an optional for use on steep slopes or in heavy soils.
        • LCS Series

        • A competitive class. Laverda’s passion for innovation has led to the creation of a new series of combines, i.e. the LCS Laverda Crop System range. All-purpose and functional machines that are highly competitive, both as to productivity and costs.They are able to work with the utmost flexibility in various different farming contexts and in full comfort and safety, thus improving the quality of your work. Besides the revamped design, a distinguishing feature of the new line, these combines are also complete with the exclusive, perfect, innovative and patented GSAX, PFR and MCS Plus systems for truly all-purpose use.
      • REV Series

      • Increased performances, lower costs. Reliability, power and versatility, all with a reasonably low financial investment. This series of combine harvesters offers lots of advantages and has been designed to satisfy the Customers’ real needs: as in the case of the REV module, an excellent addition to the threshing mechanism with its REV drum and concave extension (REV segment), which can be set in 3 different positions for tip-top flexibility and allpurpose use. 20% extra separation surface, a wrapping angle increased to 120° plus rationalized straw conveying towards the straw-walkers have determined the success of Laverda’s REV Series combines.
          • REV Series

          • The threshing components have been sized in an optimal way to suit all the threshed crops. They comprise a tough drum with 8 bars featuring a continuous beating profile that treats the grain in a delicate but efficient way, plus the concave with the exclusive independent adjuster mechanism on both the inlet and outlet sides and the innovative REV module. It comprises a post-drum (REV drum) and an extension to the concave (REV segment) that can be adjusted in 3 different positions and is the ideal component when it comes to versatile and all-purpose use of the combine. The 20% increase to the separation surface, a winding angle that’s now 120° and the delicate way the straw is conveyed to the straw walkers, are all decisive features that contribute towards the effectiveness and success of Laverda’s REV Series combine harvesters.
        • Self-levelling Series

        • Created to dominate the most difficult ground. They don’t stop at anything. They climb up the most impracticably steep hillsides and even allow you to work at optimum efficiency on irregular ground.
              • Self-levelling Series

              • Laverda’s Self-levelling combines represent one of the victories achieved by human intelligence, a challenge won in favour of harvesting mechanization that previously seemed impossible. Combines created to meet the multiple requests from the market thanks to technical innovations and solutions that always guarantee high performance and extremely simple use, with the utmost in terms of safety.