Company Profile

Ploeger, harvesting with a great feeling!

The Ploeger company focuses its efforts on the development and manufacturing of technically advanced and reliable harvesting systems. Not just recently, but already for many years. Their years of experience and research and also close contacts with the end-users and the vegetable processing industry resulted in a worldwide successful line of harvesting systems for:
-peas, broad beans and flageolet
-french beans
-spinach and other vegetable leaves
-sweet corn and
-seed corn
-potatoes, carrots and other tuberous plants

The Ploeger combines are renowned for their optimal crop yield, low maintenance cost and their very high reliability under any kind of weather and tillage conditions.
These properties and the long useful life of the combine ensure a beneficially low overall annual cost. The wide range of Ploeger harvesters are used all around the world. Also, because Ploeger cooperates closely with Oxbo International Corp., they may justly be recognised as the market leader in Europe. The service provided is unequalled, befitting the high standard of quality of the combines.