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  • The Viessmann Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of heating, industrial and refrigeration systems. Founded in 1917, the family business maintains a staff of approximately 11,500 employees and generates 2.2 billion Euro in annual group turnover.

    With 22 production divisions in 11 countries, subsidiaries and representations in 74 countries and 120 sales offices around the world, Viessmann is an internationally orientated company. 56 percent of sales are generated abroad.
Product Portfolio
  • Products

  • The comprehensive range of products and services from Viessmann

    Viessmann sets the technological pace for the heating industry. The comprehensive range of products and services from Viessmann offers individual solutions with efficient systems for all application areas and all energy sources. As environmental pioneers, the company has, for decades, been supplying particularly efficient and clean heating systems for oil and gas, as well as solar thermal systems, heating systems for biomass and heat pumps. The comprehensive range of products and services from Viessmann offers top technology and sets new benchmarks. With its high energy efficiency, this range helps to save heating costs and is always the right choice where ecology is concerned. All Viessmann products meet the requirements of European Directives regarding the reduction of environmental pollution by emissions. Viessmann feels a long-standing responsibility to protect the environment and to preserve natural resources to the fullest extent. To this end, the company employs the best available technology for the generation of heat.

    Individual and efficient solutions

    Viessmann offers the right heating system for any demand – wall mounted or floorstanding, in individual combinations – all are futureproof and economical. It makes no difference whether you need a system for detached or two-family houses, for large residential buildings, for commerce and industry, or for local heating networks, or whether the system is intended for modernisation or new build.

    The spectrum of goods and services offered by the Viessmann Group includes:
    • Condensing technology for oil and gas
    • Solar thermal systems
    • Heat pumps
    • Wood combustion systems
    • CHP modules
    • Biogas plants
    • Services
    Viessmann is highly specialised in every one of these market segments. Compared to specialist suppliers, the company offers a distinct advantage: Viessmann understands heating technology as a systematic whole and guarantees professional, unbiased advice on technology and fuel type.
      • Bioenergy village

      • Setting sustainable standards with bioenergy villages

        The heating market accounts for more than 40 % of energy usage and the largest proportion of energy consumption; it therefore can play a significant role in the achievement of agreed political climate goals. The installation of advanced, highly efficient systems would save the heating market up to one third of its energy.

        Bioenergy villages can contribute to this saving. All households are supplied from a local heating network whose energy is generated from renewable fuels on the outskirts of the village. These fuels come from agricultural resources which are processed in a biogas plant, or from local forests. Every bioenergy village is therefore a strategic sustainability project which protects the climate and environment, and in an ideal scenario, does not consume fossil fuels such as oil or gas.
      • Biogas plants

      • Biogas – a natural source of energy

        Biogas is one of the key renewable sources of energy next to solar and wind. After all, biogas can be produced in a particularly environmentally responsible and CO2 neutral way from sustainable raw and energy-rich waste materials that are available at a regional level. Biogas utilises the natural energy present in organic matter.
      • CHP units

      • Environmentally responsible operation with high levels of efficiency

        A gas driven combined heat and power unit (CHP) generates heat and power simultaneously. These units are sized to suit residential complexes and commercial operations. On the heating side, the CHP unit operates in parallel to a boiler. Both heat sources are connected to the heating system when generating heating water or DHW.

        Viessmann compact appliances are designed as decentralised CHP units with a bias towards heating. Comparatively small units generate electric power for consumption on site. The heat that is generated by this process is used simultaneously, almost without losses, for heating. Any power not required is fed into the public grid and reimbursed accordingly by the power supply utility.

        The overall efficiency of CHP units can reach up to 96 %. The Vitobloc 200 module EM-20/39 achieves thermal efficiency of over 62 % and electrical efficiency of over 32 %.
      • Domestic hot water cylinders

      • DHW convenience for every demand

        The demand for hot water is completely different in every household. One factor is the
        number of residents and another is their bathing and showering habits. For example, several people in one household frequently go to work and school at the same time, so lots of hot water needs to be continuously available for the shower in a short space of time.

        Those who prefer a bath will also want to have enough hot water to fill the tub. Finally, the DHW cylinder should also provide sufficient water if, in an apartment block for example, hot water is drawn from more than one outlet at the same time.

        The Vitocell DHW cylinders fulfil these requirements in every respect and can also meet every aspiration where equipment levels are concerned. In all instances, the installation of a solar thermal system is recommended to save energy and heat the water without cost.
      • Fuel cell boiler

      • Vitovalor 300-P: The future of power and heat generation

        The energy transition is no longer just a matter of political debate. Fuel cell technology is now ready to play an important part in the implementation of this transition. Viessmann is the first manufacturer to bring a fuel cell boiler from standard production for detached and two-family houses onto the market.
      • Gas fired boilers

      • Heating with gas – always a clean affair

        By using a condensing boiler to convert natural gas into heat, you are making an active contribution towards protecting the climate and the environment, thanks to the boiler's unbeatably high efficiency of 98 % (Hs)/104 % (Hi).

        Our gas condensing boilers come with the future built in. Thanks to the Lambda Pro Control combustion control, our gas condensing boilers adjust automatically to all gas types – including biogas mixtures. This way, we will meet the many demands for heating technologies across the whole product range that protect our resources. The fact that no energy storage is necessary is also an argument in favour of a gas heating system – especially if you want to use the space for other purposes.

        You can even use free solar energy as part of your new heating system! All boilers are designed for combination with Viessmann solar technology. Viessmann system technology guarantees that everything will fit together beautifully and work in harmony, giving you convenient control that meets all your needs.
      • Heat pumps

      • Heating with airborne and geothermal heat

        Heat pumps utilise renewable energy from the ground, groundwater or the air. They lower consumption of fossil fuels, conserve valuable resources and reduce CO2 emissions that damage the environment. By using this technology, system users may benefit from a further advantage, as some Viessmann heat pumps also feature active and natural cooling functions. Alongside their classic application as heat sources on cold days, they can also create a pleasant room climate in summer by bringing refreshing cool air into the house.

        The extensive product range offers the right heat pump for any requirement. Even at the planning stage, structural and geological conditions, as well as personal and individual preferences concerning heat demand can be taken into account. What's more, this isn't just suitable for new build. Viessmann heat pumps can be used equally well in modernisation projects, operated with solar thermal systems or combined with an existing oil or gas
        heating system to form a multi mode system.
      • Industrial boiler plants

      • High-performance steam boiler and hot water boiler plants for industry

        HKB is a specialist in the development and manufacture of major turnkey plants for generating steam and hot water.

        The steam boilers have an output of up to 120 t/h, with operating pressures up to 130 bar and hot steam temperatures approaching 485 °C.

        HKB hot water plants deliver up to 116 MW. They work at pressures of up to 50 bar and deliver hot water at temperatures up to 250 °C. Higher outputs can be achieved by cascading multiple boilers.
      • Large heat pumps

      • Heating with renewable energy – even in higher output ranges

        Heat pumps should be your first choice if your priorities are both to save on heating costs and to generate heat in an environmentally responsible way. After all, the energy a heat pump uses is free and available in unlimited supply from the environment. Only electrical power is required to drive the heat pumps. This makes you independent of fossil fuels, and in addition you make an active contribution towards reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the climate.

        With its high output, a KWT heat pump is designed for larger residential complexes and commercial operations. In addition, with slight adjustments, it can also be used to cool the living space in summer. The idea that a heat pump only suits new build projects has been long disproved. On the contrary, if an existing conventional oil or gas heating system is replaced with a heat pump as part of a modernisation project, there will be significant savings on heating bills and lower emissions at the same time (e.g. compared to a dual mode system). Furthermore, most electricity supply utilities offer green electricity from wind and water power, so you can make another sustainable contribution to the protection of the environment.
      • Mechanical ventilation systems

      • Mechanical ventilation systems

        An adequate air change rate is essential for health and well-being, as well for protecting the fabric of the building. The answer is a mechanical ventilation system: It provides the air change rate that is required and regulates humidity levels in the interior.

        Such a system prevents mould growth and ensures the controlled replacement of stale indoor air with fresh, filtered outdoor air, thereby providing a comfortable ambiance for residents and protection for the fabric of the building.
      • Micro CHP units

      • Vitotwin 350-F and 300-W micro CHP units: The boilers that generate power

        Energy prices have more than doubled over the past ten years, and it is highly unlikely that they will fall in the future. Quite the contrary, as resources become more scarce, it is expected that energy costs will continue to rise. This brochure contains information about an innovative way to generate power that can help you to become more independent of these rising prices. It describes a heating system that generates heat and power simultaneously – the combined heat and power boiler for detached and two-family houses.
      • Oil fired boilers

      • The oil condensing heating system – efficient, futureproof technology

        When using a condensing boiler to convert fuel oil into heat, you can make an active contribution towards protecting the climate and the environment, thanks to the boiler‘s unbeatably high efficiency of 98 % (Hs)/104 % (Hi)

        Our oil condensing boilers come with the future built in. They are already set up to change from using fossil oil to fuel oil with a proportion of bio-oil. This way, we will meet the many demands for heating technologies across the whole product range that protect our resources.

        You can even use free solar energy with your new heating system! All boilers are designed for combination with Viessmann solar technology. Viessmann system technology guarantees that everything will fit together beautifully and work in harmony, giving you convenient control that meets all your needs.
      • Oil/gas boilers for medium and high output

      • Futureproof and efficient heating technology for all requirements

        In Western industrial nations, heat generation for residential and commercial buildings
        accounts for the largest proportion of energy consumption – at the same time this sector offers the greatest savings potential. Advanced and energy efficient heating systems from Viessmann are in use around the world, not only in many private households, but also in numerous major projects. There, they make an important contribution to the sustainable protection of finite energy reserves.
      • Photovoltaics

      • Free solar energy for generating power using photovoltaics

        As renewable energy systems have become more widespread, consumers and end users have become increasingly keen to generate their own electricity. Today, a powerful photovoltaic system allows free solar energy to be used to make a profit. By installing photovoltaic modules, users demonstrate their responsible attitude towards the environment, and make an active contribution to protecting the climate by reducing CO2 emissions.

        With energy costs constantly rising, a photovoltaic system helps users save money and reduces their dependence on energy suppliers. The power they generate can be used for their own needs or exported to the public grid. Thanks to legally regulated remuneration, the investment will pay for itself within a few years. A photovoltaic system also increases the value of the property.
      • Power to gas

      • Power-to-gas - Storing excess power in the gas grid

        The expanding use of renewables creates new challenges for the power supply sector. Weather-dependant renewable energy sources, such as wind and the sun, inevitably lead to peaks in power generation. Currently, these can still be balanced out by reducing the output of conventional power stations. As the proportion of renewable energy grows, innovative storage technologies will become of real importance.
      • Refrigeration Solutions

      • Viessmann Group is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of innovative refrigeration solutions, including remote and plug-in refrigeration cabinets, lamella products, power packs, cold rooms, refrigeration cells and units as well as accessories and services for pre- and post-installation. A strong partner network enables us to serve clients with comprehensive cooling solutions.

        We provide one single customer interface for selling, marketing and supporting refrigeration solutions. Our production plants in Germany and Finland provide the high quality cold rooms and commercial refrigeration know-how. Pooling both companies’ long expertise is an enourmous benefit for the customers who can expect comprehensive refrigerations solutions from a single source.
      • Solar thermal systems

      • Energy from the sun – delivered free to your door

        Anyone who invests in a new heating system today should design it from the outset to include a solar thermal system. This will allow you to benefit from lower energy consumption and also look forward to lower monthly energy bills. Furthermore, by installing solar collectors, you are demonstrating your commitment to protecting the climate, by sustainably lowering CO2 emissions. To help you do this, Viessmann guarantees optimum interaction of all appliance components with futureproof technology.

        Another argument for investing in solar technology that should not be underestimated, is the associated increase in the value of your property. On the following pages, you will find comprehensive information about the possibilities open to you with Viessmann solar technology, for energy-efficient DHW heating, central heating backup and power generation.
      • Solid fuel-fired boilers

      • Heating with wood – the most natural fuel in the world

        The rising costs of fossil fuel and growing environmental awareness are resulting in an
        ever-increasing demand for renewable types of energy.

        A wood boiler is a good alternative to heating with oil or gas. This natural fuel has a lot to recommend it, and not only because it is environmentally responsible; wood as an indigenous fuel is also very affordable and not subject to wide price fluctuations.

        In addition, advanced Viessmann technology makes heating with wood efficient and convenient. The Vitolig/Vitoligno range offers flexible solutions, either as an auxiliary or complete heating system, subject to boiler type, with logs or pellets.
      • Steam Boilers and Waste Heat Boilers

      • System solutions for cost-effective steam generation

        Energy efficient and clean provision of heat in conjunction with high levels of operational safety and system reliability are essential requirements for production facilities and industrial plants. In order to design boiler house concepts appropriate for the task in hand, individual requirements must first be established so that tailor-made system solutions can be developed. This requires expert advice plus a comprehensive range of services and steam boilers, the characteristics of which allow cost-effective and futureproof steam generation.

        Due to their design and configuration, Vitomax industrial/commercial boilers deliver the best possible conditions for meeting individual customer requirements in a broad range of applications. Many design details of the Vitomax boilers and long experience in building large industrial/commercial boilers ensure outstanding quality and provide for high levels of operational reliability and a long service life.
      • Vitotrol app

      • The Viessmann Vitotrol app

        The Viessmann Vitotrol app allows you to remotely operate a Viessmann heating system with Vitotronic controls. The operation of the app is simple, easy and comfortable to use from anywhere and at any time of the day. The app uses a general text driven help function.

        The Vitotrol app is available for download / can be downloaded in the Apple App Store, as well as for Android devices in Google Play store.
      • Wood combustion systems

      • Wood combustion systems up to 13000 kW

        In addition to companies directly involved in the timber industry, an increasing number of local authorities, contractors and other commercial energy providers are opting for biomass as a fuel. Biomass is less prone to extreme price fluctuations than fossil fuels and, being sustainable and CO2 neutral, makes a significant contribution to preserving quality of life for future generations.

        The type of fuel and other customerspecific requirements determine the type of combustion system. Options include a flat moving grate, step grate or direct firing system, each available in low NOx versions.
      • Wood heating systems

      • Wood heating systems from 150 to 1700 kW

        The rising cost of fossil fuels and growing environmental awareness are creating an ever increasing demand for renewable forms of energy. Today heating with wood is an environmentally friendly and economical alternative or addition to conventional heating systems for fossil fuels.
    • References

    • Global energy consumption has doubled since 1970. By 2030, it will have tripled. The result: Fossil fuels, oil and gas, are dwindling, energy prices are on the rise and excessive CO2 emissions continue to affect our environment.

      In industrial nations, heat generation for residential and commercial buildings accounts for the largest proportion of energy consumption – and therefore it offers the greatest savings potential. Energy efficient heating systems from Viessmann are not only used in many domestic households around the world, but also in numerous large projects, where they make an important contribution to the protection of energy reserves.

      In these projects, Viessmann again and again faces up to the most varied challenges to supply advanced heating technology by offering innovative solutions – in historical listed buildings, as well as in modern industrial complexes, and the large-scale residential and industrial arena.