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  • The Kohlbach group ist THE innovator and dynamic engineering company in biomass-plant construction with locations in Austria, Germany, France and Croatia.

    A family-operated company with over 250 employees and more than 60 years of experiences in increasing benefits.

    Already in 1946 company founder
    Jakob Kohlbach was creating benefit by converting supposedly worthless war-era scrap into usable products. Groundbreaking developments in the use of energy from biomass, as well as patents, prizes, awards and economic success followed in due course.

    Over the years, more than 1000 Kohlbach plants have been commissioned in 21 countries. This includes heat supply systems for rural schools in Scotland, sawmills in Siberia. And also cogeneration plants for tourist resorts in the Tyrol as well as for timber industry in Germany.
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  • Kohlbach’s water, steam and thermal oil boilers are available from 400 kW to 18.000 kW for all natural wood residues and related fuels. They are equipped with our moving grate combustion, under grate furnaces or with our special purpose furnaces in proven Kohlbach quality.

    For years Kohlbach has also made extensive use of a variety of technologies for the combine generation of power and heat. Whether with the innovative ORC-technology or with conventional steam processes, we always provide customers with economically reasonable cogeneration-solutions.

    All necessary plant components such as biomass fuel logistics, filter systems and control systems are supplied by Kohlbach. Our services comprise planning and engineering, manufacturing and assembly as well as the start up of plants, operator training and boiler maintenance.

    Kohlbach services
    Biomass boiler operators find with Kohlbach a competent partner for all their requisites. With Kohlbach you receive service and maintenance for your plants, but also necessary refurbishments for any biomass boiler system.  Likewise, we offer you modernizations of boilers, backfitting as well as technology upgrades for existing biomass heating plants.
  • Products

    • Fuels

    • Unlike "homogenized" fossil fuels, regenerative fuels require decades-long experience in regard to the chemical composition, size, moisture content
      and legal provisions.

      An extremely wide variety of fuels can be used in our plants: The spectrum of fuels comprises wood biomass such as chips, shavings, landscaping residues, dry sawmill waste, pellets and saw dust. But also agrarian biomass like corn cobs, straw, cacao husks, miscanthus, olive pits, food waste, etc. are included in this spectrum.

      The combustion systems which are used are individually adapted to the respective fuel and provide an optimal burn-off of each combustion material.
    • Comfort and process heating

    • Kohlbach biomass boiler plants assure a reliable
      and efficient supply of heat from 400 to 18,000 kW per module:

      • Warm/hot water boilers: Warm water up to 110 °C and hot water up to 200 °C, 2 or 3 pass
      • Steam boilers: from 0.5 to 40 bar, steam temperatures up to 450 °C
      • Thermal oil boilers: Process heat at high temperature levels (supply temperatures >150 °C to 315 °C)

      The generated heat is used either as comfort heat
      for schools, hospitals, district-heating schemes, as well as to supply process heat for kilns, dairies, breweries, and other industrial users.
    • Cogeneration – Heat & power

    • The simultaneous generation of electricity and heat from biomass is the crown in biomass utilisation. For
      this, Kohlbach boilers are designed in capacity ranges attuned to commonly available turbine sizes:

      • High-pressure steam boilers for steam turbines and engines: Flue gas boilers (shell boilers) up to 40 bar or water tube boilers for even higher pressure levels, 6,000 kW or higher
      • Thermal oil boiler plants for ORC technology

      (Organic Rankine Cycle): for small combined heat and power plants ranging from 200-2200kW electric and low pressure operation
    • Furnaces

    • With Kohlbach furnaces developed, manufactured and assembled exclusively in our company, all natural wood residues from dry to very wet may be used. The maximum furnace output per unit goes up to 18000 kW.

      Available furnaces range from under grate furnaces for dry, low ash content fuels over modern moving grate furnaces for ash-rich and wet fuels to special purpose furnaces for straw burning.

      A multiple-tiered air supply in the primary combustion
      zones enable Kohlbach furnaces to keep within the limits of NOx emission regulations easily.

      Through the generous design of the secondary combustion- zones in Kohlbach boilers, the CO emissions can be reduced down to the limit of detection.
    • Boiler Optimization

    • Due to our substantial experience, Kohlbach is the ideal partner for operators of existing boiler plants. Kohlbach’s optimization for all biomass heating
      - Biomass fuel logistic with new reliable shearing
      technology for heterogeneous combustibles
      - Reinforcement of material infeeds of grate
      - Upgrade of combustion chambers to the current
      moving grate technology for fully automated operation
      - Automatic ash removal from within the combustion chamber to the disposal
      - Optimization of the emission through reconfiguration and upgrade of combustion air supply
      - Retrofitting with fully automated boiler cleaning systems
      - Modernization of control systems for reduction of power consumption and for increased efficiency