Company Profile

recognise signals - think ahead

The best ideas are ingeniously simple. We recognise your problem and solve it in a manner which is technologically of high quality and economically efficient. A compact solution which operates directly as part of the process. A super-fast solution, because it is conceived with the latest in digital signal processors or microcontroller technology.

Intelligent sensors do not simply recognise signals, but are also able to process and classify them. Sensors like this can take over control tasks and so save you buying costly peripherals.

The intelligence is in the sensor - simply ingenious.

founding of the company

The company D&S Dittmar & Schulze Automation GmbH was founded in Schwerin, Germany, in July of 1997. D&S Automation is a limited liability company (GmbH) registered at the county court in Schwerin on 30th October 1997 under the registration number HRB 5639.

areas of business

Our main area of business is the development, production and sale of electronic subassemblies and devices. We see ourselves as a comprehensive service-provider in that we offer our customers – primarily industrial companies – both development and production services (production planning and product fabrication) for our custom designed electronic subassemblies.

We are able to offer our customers a complete, project-based service – from the development of a product-concept, the creation of performance specifications and the design of circuits and devices to the fabrication of various models, the planning and engineering of production and the support of the customer in the product approval and certification processes.

As our core area of expertise, we offer engineering services in the field of electronics.


In the future the ds automation will focus itself on the development of devices of its own.
We are specialised on measurement- and sensor-applications, concentrating especially on miniaturisation techniques and acoustic testing technology.

In order to best apply our existing know-how and development systems, we are looking primarily for projects that involve the development of specialized subassemblies for measurement and control tasks, especially those involving electronic solutions based on signal processors or microcontrollers.

We are also strengthening our marketing efforts and our work in the areas of problem-analysis and product-conception. The current trend of increased outsourcing in the area of product development has presented the task of formulating a comprehensive project concept for a service company that will ensure that the developmental results fit perfectly to the desired product. Therefore, the customer expects the service-provider to conduct independent problem-analysis as well as the formulation and discussion of various possible solutions.