• Online Exhibition presenting manufacturers of industrial factory automation, robotics and assembly
  • A1: Robotics

  • A2: Research

  • A3: Industrial Automation Units

  • A4: IT, Controls and Sensors

  • A5: Machine Parts and Components

  • A6: Electronics, Networks and Energy Management

  • A7: Factory Supplies

  • A8: Engineering Services and Custom Fabrication

  • A9: Dealers and Suppliers

  • A10: Industrial Organizations and Congresses

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    • digital factory
    robot industry 4.0

    Pioneers of Industry 4.0: The Robotic industry


    "Their enormous flexibility makes robots a critical element of the Industry 4.0 automation equation,” said Arno Reich, [...]

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    • Presswerk 4.0
    presswerk 4.0

    Presswerk 4.0 aims to reduce downtimes by 50%

    Fraunhofer IWU

    Fraunhofer’s Presswerk 4.0 project employs targeted data networking in manufacturing to help employees recognize and correct failures more quickly [...]

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    • collaborative robot
    IoT Starter Kit

    collaborative robot with high precision and reliability

    Universal Robots

    With the indstrial robot arm - UR10 - you can automate processes and tasks that weighs up to 10 kg [...]

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    • parts cleaning
    kuka goes digital

    “Six-axis robots for parts cleaning”


    The HE cleaning robots from Stäubli are designed for particularly tough operating conditions [...]

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    • Industry 4.0
    kuka goes digital

    “Hello Industrie 4.0 – We go Digital”


    KUKA will showcase numerous solutions in the sector of Industry 4.0 and will present also a world premiere [...]

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    • IoT Starter Kit
    IoT Starter Kit

    Your Geteway to the Internet of Things (IoT)


    Advantech collaborates with Intel and Microsoft to provide an IoT gateway starter kit that integrates hardware, software, and services [...]

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    • wiring & connectors
    signal cables

    Cable solution for signal and power supply

    SAB Bröckskes

    Manufacturers of drive units are able to reduce the wiring effort considerably and are at the same time able to save space , weight and costs [...]

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    • assembly units
    tyre wheel assembly

    Fully automatic wheel assembly in automotive production


    Fully automatic screwing and assembling of complete wheels to the hub of the wheel on a continuously moving line [...]