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Company Profile

Hydro Leduc is committed to continuing to develop its long experience in the design and manufacture of hydraulic components to satisfy customer needs, with reliable products from a reliable source.

On a single site in North-eastern France, the company's dedicated R & D, Production, Quality, Sales & Marketing and Customer Service Departments work together to interpret market requirements, develop innovative solutions and produce cost-effective components to suit. In-house prototyping and machining afford flexibility and reactivity to changing conditions or new requirements.
Steady growth in sales both in France and abroad has been achieved largely thanks to this commitment to quality products and quality service. Exports now represent 60% of sales turnover. Hydro Leduc is faced with technical and logistical challenges from OEMs in sectors as diverse as industrial vehicles, construction machinery, machine tools, aeronautics, marine engines and agricultural machinery. All have one factor in common : the need to count on a hydraulics specialist. Call in the specialist for your next requirement; Hydro Leduc would be pleased to serve you.

Product Range

  • Hydraulic accumulator: Bladder accumulator
  • Hydraulic accumulator: Piston type accumulator
  • Hydraulic accumulator: Spherical accumulator
  • Hydraulic accumulator: Welded cylindrical accumulator
  • Hydraulic motor: Hydraulic high torque motor
  • Hydraulic motor: Hydraulic motor, general
  • Hydraulic pump: Axial piston pump
  • Hydraulic pump: Fixed displacement pump
  • Hydraulic pump: High pressure pump
  • Hydraulic pump: Oil pump
  • Hydraulic pump: Variable displacement pump
  • Miniature hydraulic: Pump, fixed displacement
  • Miniature hydraulic: Pump, variable displacement
  • Miniature hydraulic: Pump, ajustable displacement