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  • Offer Profile
  • Baccara is a market leader in the manufacture and specialization of products for automation such as : air valves, air cylinders, solenoid valves and nylon tubing for use in industry, agriculture and irrigation. Today, you can find Baccara products in all sectors of industrial and agricultural automation, designed to be dependable in the most adverse environments such as marine conditions, chemicals and heavy industries. We have successfully gained ISO-9001 : 2000 certification for all our products. In March 2002, we gained ISO 14001 certification for environmental quality control. Above all, we totally implement our quality control system to ensure that our products are manufactured to the highest levels of quality and reliability to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

    We acknowledge today’s increasing demand for cost effectiveness combined with total quality, by using high technology to produce comprehensive pneumatic and electro-pneumatic components. Our work force consists of 250 employees. We have eight branches in Israel, employing 40 technical salesmen. Baccara provides a complete after sales and support service which includes developing systems, supervising installation and follow-up service and advice.
Product Portfolio
  • Solenoid Valves

    • GEM-SOL Solenoid valves

    • GC Global cylinder operated valves

    • GEVA 65 Solenoid valves

    • GEVA 80 Solenoid valves

    • GEVA 75 Solenoid valves

    • GEVA 60 Solenoid valves

  • Air Cylinders

    • ISO 6431 Cylinders

    • - Dual Operation - Double Rod Cylinder
      - Through Rod Cylinder
      - Double stage Rod Cylinder
      - Non-Rotating Rod Cylinder
      - Twin Guide Configuration "H"
      - Twin Guide Configuration "C"
      - Twin Rod Cylinder - Double Rod version
      - Extra Length Cushion Cylinder
      - Non Cushion Cylinder
      - Stainless Steel Cylinder
      - Protective Gaiter
    • ISO 6432 Cylinders

    • - Through Rod Cylinder
      - Dual Operation - Double Rod Cylinder
      - Twin Guide Configuration "H"
      - Twin Guide Configuration "C"
      - Rodless Cylinder
    • Cylinder with Positioner