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  • Offer Profile
  • EUCHNER is one of the world's leading companies in the area of industrial safety engineering.

    With products from the three divisions Automation, Safety and ManMachine, EUCHNER has made a major contribution to its customers' business success. Flat communications structures make it possible to take decisions near on the market and to react to market changes fast and flexibly. New products are often developed not simply on behalf of but in collaboration with long-term customers.
Product Portfolio
  • Safety

  • EUCHNER is your specialist for safety products in mechanical and systems engineering. You can obtain from us a wide variety of products, from the safety switch, to safe evaluation in the control cabinet.
    • Safety switches

    • Safety switches according to EN 1088 have the task of preventing the operation of a machine in the case of a hazard. For this purpose a safety circuit must be opened by a safety switch. All mechanical safety switches have at least one positively driven NC contact for this purpose.
    • Safety systems

    • Safety systems from EUCHNER also meet more complex requirements. The systems combine sensor, evaluation and safety relay in one solution. They are available with magnetic coding, transponder coding or for use with bus technology.
    • Safety relays

    • For monitoring safety components EUCHNER supplies a wide range of safety relays.
    • Enabling switches

    • Enabling switches are manually operated control devices. These switches are used wherever personnel must work directly in the danger area on running machines and systems (e.g. during setup).
    • Emergency stop device

    • Machines and systems can be stopped quickly and safely using emergency stop switches in case of danger.
    • Rope pull switches

    • Rope pull switches are also emergency stop devices. Unlike emergency stop switches, they are used whenever it is necessary to protect large danger areas.
    • Bolts

    • Bolts are the ideal addition to our safety switches. They are used as a mechanical end stop for the door and as a guide for the actuator. They reduce the load on your safety switch.
  • Automation

  • EUCHNER developed the first multiple limit switch in 1952. Today it is still part of the wide range of automation products from EUCHNER. Along with numerous position switch designs, the Automation product line includes ident systems and high quality plug connectors.
    • Multiple limit switches

    • Suitable for use in harsh production conditions, these high precision, reliable switches with their compact design are ideal for positioning and control applications in mechanical and systems engineering. A very wide range of applications is covered by the flexible configuration of these devices with non-contact and mechanical switches as well as other customer-specific features. Their high quality guarantees an exceptional mechanical life.
    • Single limit switch

    • These limit switches were developed in close co-operation with machine tool manufacturers. The high quality materials, the combination of mature technology, high precision and practical design guarantee straightforward function in all industrial applications. Different designs cover a wide range of specific applications.
    • Single hole fixing limit switches

    • The alternative to inductive proximity switches are mechanically actuated limit switches. These switches are completely maintenance-free and are also used in the most extreme conditions. Their small size makes it possible to install them directly at the monitoring point.
    • Position switch EN 50041

    • These mechanical command switches are designed according to the European standard EN 50041. The robust design, the utilization of corrosion-resistant materials, the precise production methods and the high degree of protection guarantee straightforward and reliable function in the toughest conditions.
    • Trip rails/trip dogs

    • The combination of trip rails and trip dogs with all EUCHNER command switches safeguards the advantages of these highly precise positioning devices and ensures trouble-free operation.
    • Plug connectors

    • Round plug connectors have a very robust, mat chromium-plated brass housing. When assembled correctly in relation to EMC, they provide optimal protection against electromagnetic interference. The connector system can also be used for very low currents and voltages due to the integration of gold-plated contacts.
    • Identification Systems

    • Inductive Identification Systems are used for the non-contact identification of products such as tools, product carriers or containers in the entire manufacturing and logistics sector. The data carriers for the Identification Systems CIS are mostly programmed with a unique sequential number. The product is identified at a read station using this number and the related production data are then assigned to the product.
  • ManMachine

  • At the interface between man and machine, solutions are required that suit both sides. The ManMachine product line combines ergonomics and precision. From the joystick through handwheels and hand-held pendant stations to the personalized, electronic access control, EUCHNER offers the right interface.
    • Hand-held pendant stations

    • Machine functions can be monitored and controlled decentrally using hand-held pendant stations. In addition to the control function, hand-held pendant stations can also have a safety function. For this purpose the hand-held pendant stations are equipped with EMERGENCY STOP buttons and enabling switches.
    • Handwheels

    • EUCHNER electronic handwheels are universal pulse generators for manual axis positioning. They are predominantly used for positioning NC-controlled axes. Different pulse rates and output stages make the handwheels suitable for all control systems. Complete freedom from maintenance is provided by the use of wear-free magnetic detent mechanisms.
    • Joysticks

    • These devices are always used if movements are to be controlled as a function of the manual actuation direction. Joysticks are used in areas of the steel and construction industry, in transport and conveyor systems, in systems engineering and mechanical engineering, as well as in warehousing, medicine and studios. The devices are also approved for maritime use due to their certification by Germanischer Lloyd.
    • Electronic-Key-System

    • The EKS provides electronic access management on PCs and control units in an industrial environment. EKS basically comprises two components: an Electronic-Key and the matching Electronic-Key adapter. A memory chip and an antenna (RFID transponder) are built into the Electronic-Key (key). The data carrier in the Electronic-Key is equipped with a combined read/write and fixed-code memory. The Electronic-Key locks into the Key adapter and is held there during operation of the installation. Due to the non-contact transfer of data, it was possible to design the Electronic-Key adapter from the access side with the high degree of protection IP 67, i.e. suitable for industry. Various data interfaces are available for the Electronic-Key adapter.