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  • Offer Profile
  • HepcoMotion® are world leaders in linear motion technology – we originated the V guide principle and have spent the last 35 years developing it to meet the demanding needs of todays automation and general industrial markets. Our product have provided thousands of customers:
    • Total reliability in hostile or no maintenance applications
    • Reduction in machine down time, increase in bottom line profits
    • Ability to work at high speed for long periods with total reliability
    • Reduction in noise
    • Simplified design using wide range of system packages and assemblies
Product Portfolio
  • Linear Motion Products

      • GV3 Linear Motion & Actuator System

      • A comprehensive linear motion product designed to serve the majority of automation & linear actuator applications, GV3 follows the lead set by the world renowned HepcoMotion Generation II and CM linear guides. The best features from these products are incorporated into a huge range with many new sizes, types, precision grades and options, including the new Floating Bearing feature. The result - a linear motion product which delivers real solutions to suit both application and budget.
      • Simple Select Vee Bearing - Linear Motion Guide

      • For the customer who wants a simple, ready to mount assembled linear motion guide that can be matched to an actuator of preference Simple Select can be specified in seconds.
        Based on Hepco’s internationally renowned Vee Bearing princible linear guide, complete with carriages, all assembled ready for installation and despatched from our Factory in 24 hours or less. Simple specifying procedure offers quick assessment of life for a given load, full size end views are included in the brochure for comparison
      • HDS2 Heavy Duty Linear Guide

      • HepcoMotion® has updated the highly successful heavy duty linear guide system, retaining the best features from the previous system, and incorporating them in a greatly expanded range under the name of HDS2. Many new components have been added including larger bearings, up to 150mm dia with increased load capacity, two sizes of construction beam, single edge v guides and flat track, as well as a range of actuator options. All this, with an option for stainless steel or corrosion resistant components as standard, enables the HDS2 range to offer a solution for most customer's high load applications.
      • SL2 Stainless Steel Based Slide System

      • HepcoMotion's SL2 Stainless Steel Based Slide System offers an extensive range of stainless steel slides and bearings, together with specially treated aluminium components. Whether your application requires very high precision under clean room conditions with no lubrication, or excellent corrosion resistance in washdown and harsh environments, SL2 is the ideal linear choice, offering long service life with virtually zero maintenance.
      • Vacuum & Extreme Temperature Bearings

      • HepcoMotion's range of Vacuum & Extreme Temperature Bearings and Track Rollers are designed for extreme environments:
        • Suitable for High Vacuum use in industrial and scientific applications including semiconductor wafer processing, LCD panel manufacture and vapour deposition equipment.
        • Operates at temperatures between -50 deg C and +210 deg C.
        • Load capacity from 180 to 4,200N.
        • Bearing sizes available from 18 to 54mm diameter.
        • All components are manufactured from stainless steel.
        • Can be used with stainless steel linear & curved slides from Hepco SL2 & PRT2 Ranges.

        For CAD drawings please refer to Hepco's SL2 range or contact Hepco's technical department.
      • DualVee® Single Edge Slide System

      • A highly effective system for lower cost and accuracy builds up from a single edge track and matching wheels. DualVee® components are available in a range of sizes to suit most applications with high temperature and vacuum/clean-room options available to complement existing stainless steel components.
      • LoPro® Aluminium Based Slide System

      • An extension of the DualVee®/Utilitrak® concept, LoPro® is a rugged and robust wide based track system. Available ready to mount with pre-drilled fixing holes and suitable for a range of drive options.
      • UtiliTrak® Lightweight U Channel Guideway

      • The UtiliTrak® linear guide is designed for applications where low cost, easy installation and minimal maintenance requirements are primary design objectives. Constructed with DualVee Motion Technology®, UtiliTrak® offers high reliability, easy installation and low maintenance in a sleek, compact design.
        Designed primarily for transport type applications, UtiliTrak® is intended for use where load capacity, stiffness, and positional accuracy are less demanding than machine tool grade applications. UtiliTrak® offers a low cost alternative to square rail recirculating element technologies, which often require a significant amount of surface preparation, adding significantly to the total installed cost.
      • HTS Telescopic Ball Bearing Slides

      • A high quality, low cost range of recirculating ball bearing telescopic slides to handle loads up to 280kg.

        Range includes a unique super slim series where space is at a premium for light duty loads through to heavy duty types for larger drawers for access to heavy components.

        Assembled drawers can have full over travel for total and easy access to the drawer components and can be easily removed through a simple disconnect lever, if required.

        Units can also be supplied with a lock out feature to prevent accidental closure of the drawer.
      • MHD Max Heavy Duty

      • MHD has been specifically designed to transport robots and heavy automation equipment along a linear track to perform assembly operations in the automotive and heavy mechanical handling industries.
        Suitable for high speed operation oup to 6 m/s MHD has a block capacity of 5 tonnes which will lend itself to many applications where high offset loads are seen in heaby automation applications where durability and long life is required.
        The track incorporates a rack drive allowing high driving forces to be applied to cover the wide range of load and speed requirements, which the system has to operate under. Blocks are low maintenance with a high capacity taper roller bearing in the most heaviest loaded direction.
      • Winkel High Load Combined Bearing System

      • Individual components or multi-axis handling systems built to your exact specification. Winkel systems are ideal for heavy-duty applications that have very high radial and axial loads. Individual linear/rotary bearings can sustain loads of up to 140 kN. Equally robust are the U or I section rails available in 20 sizes up to 12m long. Fully assembled handling systems with a range of drive systems are suitable for loads up to 50 tonnes.
      • Pacific Simplicity Linear/Rotary Bearing

      • Pacific Simplicity™ bearings were developed in response to requests from major U.S ball bushing users - they wanted a maintenance free bearing that simply would not fail. Dirt, vibration, shock loading and water washdowns were causing premature failure, often within days. The resulting Simplicity™ design features a Frelon® self-lubricating liner material securely bonded into the housing, giving the ability to operate in all types of environment - even under seawater!
        The pacific range is interchangeable with many existing ball bushings, being available in Metric, Japanese Metric and Imperial sizes. A wide variety of bearing housings are offered, including flange mountings and Pacific's patented self-aligning pillow blocks. Shafts used can be either standard hardened/ground or soft 300 series stainless if the application requires - a truly versatile bearing.
      • Mini Rail Miniature Linear Guides

      • Based on Pacific Bearing company's proven Simplicity™ technology Mini Rail miniature linear guides provide an interchangeable alternative to recirculating guideways in 5 useful sizes. The self lubricating design requires no sealing and will work in extreme temperature conditions and in environments which would bring early failure to recirculating guides. Available in 3 grades Mini Rail is the cost effective solution where reliability is paramount.
      • Dolphin Guides Rigid Aluminium Guides

      • Dolphin Guides are the ready made solution where a wide but compact system is required. The one piece construction guideway is available in lengths up to 3 metres and will save the user having to set two shafts in parallel. The fitted carriage offers a useful mounting surface for component fixing complete with T slots and fixing holes. As you would expect from Pacific Dolphin Guides benefit from the proven Simplicity™ technology and will work in all operational conditions, high or low temperature, clean or dirty.
      • Shaft Precision Steel & Aluminium

      • The ideal compliment to HepcoMotions's range of ASK and Pacific bearings is our range of precision steel or aluminium shafts. The shaft you specify is vital to the performance of your linear system, using the wrong component can seriously impair the efficiency/longevity of the entire system.

        When specifying Pacific or ASK bearings, we want you to optimise their phenomenal performance by providing a range of hard or soft shafts, with various machining options available.
      • ASK Ball Bushing Units

      • The benefits of ball bushings are well known. This range of ball bushings combines competitive prices with uncompromised quality whether in standard sizes or long series for increased rigidity. Bushings with housings and machined datum faces provide reduced engineering solutions. Flanged housings solve offset load problem, which cause increased design and assembly time.
      • LBG Linear Ball Guides

      • A comprehensive range of linear ball guides covering the more popular sizes and types interchangeable with the Industry standard. High quality, good accuracy with exceptional rigidity Linear Ball Guides from HepcoMotion are designed around a four row ball angular contact concept which provides a high load capacity in a compact space envelope, reduced differential slip together with good system compliance. A stock range is available which will suit most automation requirements, however, a whole combination of preloads and grades can be supplied to suit individual applications.
      • SH Shock Absorbers

      • The ideal complement to HepcoMotion's linear guidance systems, SH Shock Absorbers will eliminate all damaging impact forces created by moving loads and objects. Since energy is dissipated at a uniform rate, moving objects are brought to rest far faster than with other damping methods. In addition to excellent performance where shock absorption is required as if the norm, SH units are a cost-effective machine protection method in case of control system failure.
      • LMI Linear Measuring Indicator

        • Easy-to-install
        • Non-contact - no wear/long life
        • Match with HepcoMotion GV3/SL2 guide for optimum performance
        • GV3 carriage locking system offers positive locking for consistent length control
        • Works well in clean or hostile environments
        • Battery operated, no wiring – no electrical hazard
        • Position Indicator has two mounting options – bracket or in panel
        • Can display measurement in mm, metres, inches or degrees
        • Incremental or absolute mode
        • Bright easy - to- read 7 digit LCD display with 4 button easy to use touch pad
      • QuickTrak

      • QuickTrak® is a family of modular linear guide components and sub-assemblies utilising DualVee Motion Technology®. The design helps manufacturers and automation solution providers assemble machines with motion guidance systems faster and easier with its T-nut and T-slot based kit of parts. The QuickTrak system can be customised without additional machining, and mounted with standard T-nuts onto extrusions, resulting in 70% less downtime, and substantially reduced total cost of ownership.

        QuickTrak can be utilised across many industries and unique applications enabling smooth and reliable motion in any environment from very clean to heavily debris-laden.
    • Linear Actuators

        • PDU2 Profile Driven Unit

        • PDU2 belt driven units provide exceptional performance at a competitive price which is unmatched by similar size of belt products.
          In fact, a size comparison is the only comparison that can be made with other products as PDU2 offers revolutionary Herculane® wheel technology which provides a superior combination of load capacity, speed and low friction characteristics.
          Designed to meet the needs of the lower precision, low cost application PDU2 has such a long life most units will out perform the life of the machine they are fitted to.
        • DAPDU2 Double Action Profile Driven Unit

        • A unique simple solution for applications to close doors or where two components need to be brought together underneath the unit for assembly purposes. The Double Acting Profile Driven Unit uses the same low maintenance Herculane® wheels as incorporated in the standard PDU2 product so low maintenance is assured. It is usual to fit two carriages per side for most door applications, carriages are linked with a toothed belt and move symmetrically with simple belt adjustment effected from the end of the unit. Loads are designed to be hung from the unit making it particularly suitable for door opening and closing applications where space is at a premium. 
        • DLS Linear Transmission & Positioning System

        • HepcoMotion's complete off the shelf mechanical package will save hours in design and specifying time. The system comprises belt-driven linear modules, an AC motor/ inverter package, and a range of compact planetary gearboxes for use with Servo motors. Options include a cantilever axis with lightweight beam, plus couplings and connecting shafts for units used in parallel.
        • HPS Powerslide-2 Guided Rodless Cylinder

        • This popular 'reduced engineering' package combines HepcoMotion's proven slide technology with an extensive range of high quality pneumatic rodless cylinders. The result is a high load carrying, lightweight prime mover supplied ready to mount. Easily installed, HPS Powerslide-2 is available in 10 size combinations with the option of corrosion resistant components.
        • HDLS Heavy Duty Driven System

        • Automation of high loads in the most aggressive environments is the purpose of the HDLS. Based around the rigid Heavy Duty aluminium beam and benefiting from the zero maintenance vee-guide linear slides, proven in the harshest environments, HDLS is a ready to fit solution to your bespoke needs.
        • HDCS Heavy Duty Compact Screw

        • The Heavy Duty Compact Screw unit uses the same high strength aluminium beam as used in the HDCB. The curved section of the beam allows the fitting of the ballscrew with the minimum of space and the general low height of the product gives an overall impression of compactness. This unit can be used as a stand alone X axis or as a Z axis with the beam the moving element, the fixing of grippers to the end is very easily accommodated. The slides fitted are the Heavy Duty single edge type with either 64mm or 95mm dia bearings depending upon capacity requirements. Slide lubrication is provided by low maintenance cap wipers with a relubrication point provided for the ballscrew. Fitted ballscrew is 25mm dia either 5mm or 10mm pitch and the whole unit can be provided with a bellows cover if necessary.
        • PSD Screw Driven Linear Actuator

        • The PSD screw driven linear actuator range has been extended and now offers two sizes 80mm & 120mm. The new PSD80 is available as standard with a stainless steel lead screw in a range of screw pitches and complements the precision ball screw offering within PSD120. The Hepco Herculane® linear guidance technology used in PSD is the same as used in our PDU2 belt driven product. The PSD actuator can be used as a single or multi axis unit and is particularly useful in Z-axis applications. The screw drive and linear motion guide is housed in a strong aluminium beam protected by a stainless steel cover strip which runs the entire length of the product. These cost-effective actuators are available in lengths up to 2850mm (6000mm for slave units) and can be specified in open, closed, double acting or slave format.
        • SBD Sealed Belt Drive

        • Sealed Belt driven units, offered in standard and clean room configurations, come in three basic sizes, plus the addition of a New "High Stiffness" version, providing a higher level of performance in terms of load capacity and life than other comparable sized systems. At the heart of the units are HepcoMotion's high capacity LBG recirculating ball guides providing improved moment load capacity and longer life in high duty cycle applications. Sealing is provided by a very effective stainless steel band running along the length of the beam and kept in contact by a magnetic strip. This arrangement will prevent the ingress of dirt and debris.
        • ZIMM Screw Jack Building Block System

        • The ZIMM range of Screw Jacks is based around a cubic body and building block principle, giving different design options for each of the 12 sizes offered. Maximum lifting capabilities range from 250N to 1000kN. Screw Jacks can be configured to lift, lower, push or pull and have a wide variety of applications, used either singly or in multiples. The ZIMM system incorporates Screw Jacks, Gearboxes, Connection Shafts and Motors, delivered in pre-assembled units ready for immediate mounting. Accessories include rod ends, bellows, safety nuts, limit switches and protection against escape or rotation.
        • BSP Ballscrew Premier

        • Ballscrew Premier offers an increased range of screw diameters and pitches to suit a wide variety of applications. Standard DIN nuts are available with rolled screws 16Ø to 50Ø on very competitive lead times as part of our RAPID DESPATCH PROGRAMME. All single nuts are offered either play free or with controlled backlash. The same range is also available with a higher precision ground screw. To further compliment the range there are high lead and miniature screws, the smallest miniature screw being 6mm diameter. All options can be supplied with ends machined to suit a standard range of fixed and supported end bearing housings or alternatively ends can be machined to customer's requirements.
        • elero Electrical Actuation

        • Six models complete this new range - the Junior being the smallest and the Vario, the most powerful. Each of the models has its own special features to cater for a wide range of application options but collectively the range is suitable for loads from 0.01kN to 200kN. The new elero electric linear actuators provide real benefits over pneumatic and hydraulic alternatives:
        • LoPro® Linear Motion Systems

        • LoPro linear motion systems are available in four sizes and in belt, lead screw, ball screw and chain driven configurations, as well as un-driven. LoPro provides a tough, cost effective, low friction, low profile modular solution, built to withstand a wide range of operating environments. LoPro is the system of choice for wood, packaging and textile machinery, as well as the clean room or laboratory.
          LoPro has the lowest profile in the industry, accomplished by mounting two lengths of our hardened steel track to a low profile milled aluminium track plate. The Veeways are pre-alligned and parallel to within .002in (0.05mm). Track plate is available in single piece lengths up to 10 feet (3m), but are routinely butt-joined with a staggered track arrangement for long custom lengths.
        • SDM Screw Driven Module

        • HepcoMotion have extended the availability of the sealed driven units, made popular by the belt driven SBD range, and added a new Ballscrew driven product to its family of Linear Actuators. The SDM screw driven module incorporates the key features of the SBD range and allows for improved stiffness and precision. Sealing is provided by a very effective stainless steel band running along the length of the beam and kept in contact by a magnetic strip. The sealing on the new SDM units have been further enhanced with an upgraded linear contact seal, which reduces friction, wear and noise.
      • Motion Control

      • HepcoMotion in collaboration with SmartDrive can offer a comprehensive range of drives and control packages for those customers who require a complete linear actuator solution. The partnership between HepcoMotion and SmartDrive has been in operation for the last eight years, satisfying a wide variety of applications in many diverse industries – from simple XYZ pick and place to comprehensive high resolution scanning.
          • PDU2 In X and Y arrangement

          • In X and Y arrangement. Y axis has dual units for added stability. Two stepper or servo motors with optional gearboxes would complete the assembly.
          • DLS3 Dual DLS units

          • Dual DLS units running in parallel to address heavy duty applications. Unit shown features motor connection kit with efficient planetary gear, 34 frame stepper motor and terminal box.
          • PDU2 XY Table

          • Configuration shown features corrosion resistant PDU2s in an XY arrangement mounted on Hepco MCS framework with energy chain cable management and integrated datum/limit switches. System could easily be extended to provide additional Z axis motion for XYZ configuration. To complete system appropriate stepper or servo motors and optional gearboxes would complete the assembly.
        • Linear Measuring System / Rotary & Continuous Motion

            • DTS Driven Track System

            • Using the HepcoMotion PRT Ring Slides and Track System as its basis, DTS is a complete unit ready to be incorporated into a continuous positioning or dedicated assembly machine. Carriages are propelled around an oval or rectangular circuit with virtually unlimited straight length, driven by pulleys and a timing belt. The provision of all transmission and mounting components as a complete integrated package means huge savings are made in both design and build time.
            • PRT2 New - Precision Ring and Track System

            • The all-New PRT2 product from HepcoMotion, the originators of the Ring and Track concept, offers the user an exceptional range of options and new sizes. The new extensive easy to use catalogue presents two products in one, designed to solve rotary and continuous motion problems - Ring Slides for rotary or part circular movement and Track Systems for combined linear and rotary motion applications. These products are unique in the combination of accuracy, capacity and design flexibility they provide, proven in thousands of applications throughout many international markets.
            • HDRT Heavy Duty Ring Track

            • The Heavy Duty Ring and Track is a development from the successful PRT product and offers the user a larger range of single edge rings with higher load capacities from 512mm up to 1656mm dia. In addition there is one size of track system using a double edge ring segment linked to our Heavy Duty linear slides to provide a product capable of performing in the most arduous application. Rings can be provided with Mod 4 gears complete with pinions and easy to mount vee bearings, either 64 or 95mm diameter. Lubrication for the ring is provided by ring or bearing lubricators. The track system is provided complete with fixed or bogie carriages and carriages can be assembled and removed after the track has been assembled for ease of maintenance if need be.
            • LMI Linear Measuring Indicator

            • With non-contact between the sensor head and tape the LMI measurement system has no wearing parts and offers long trouble-free life. Predominately LMI is a linear measuring indicator devise, which has applications in a whole host of machine building, pick and place and system automation applications. However, due to the highly flexible tape the LMI system can be used very successfully on cylindrical surfaces in applications such as turntables where angular measurement is required.
              In rotary applications the LMI system can be used very successfully in conjunction with HepcoMotion PRT2 and HDRT ring based products. (See Rotary & Continuous Motion products)
            • PRT2 1-Trak NEW - Single Piece Track System

            • This break through and innovative technology from Hepcomotion has effectively changed the face of curvi-linear track design possibilities. Part of the highly successful PRT2 family of products, the new and patent pending 1-Trak product from HepcoMotion allows track systems to be manufactured in almost any conceivable 2D shape and from one single piece of material.
          • Machine Construction & System Solutions

              • MCS Machine Construction System

              • A comprehensive system of profiles together with an enhanced range of fixing elements including brackets, flexi connectors and accessories to enable complete frames to be constructed by the customer from components or supplied flat packed for simple re-assembly. In addition we will ship completed frames to your requirements designed on our in house 3D drawing package. Reduced material costs, improved flexibility and assembly time savings are available with the use of aluminium profiles over steel for constructing machine frames and machine fencing requirements can be fulfilled using elements from our Machine Fencing System.
              • MFS Machine Fencing System

              • HepcoMotion's Machine Fencing System is fully compatible with our existing MCS aluminium profile system and provides economical protective barriers for use around machine installations, gantries, robot systems or stocking areas. This maintenance free system is simple to construct and provides a low cost alternative to steel fence frameworks.
              • HGS Gantry Solutions

              • HepcoMotion Gantry solutions utilises elements from 4 products HDS2, HDLS, HDFS and HDCB to provide a range of gantries for light to heavy payloads.There are options for X and Z axis applications, the choice depending upon load, speed, accuracy of position and environmental conditions. Drive options include belt , ballscrew or rack and pinion with the added benefit of a telescopic solution using the Heavy Duty Compact Beam for height restricted Z axis applications. We will provide the necessary support legs, we offer 3 basic types in 200mm square steel section complete with mounting feet. The package can include fitting of motors, cable chains, limit switches etc.
              • HSS Hepco System Solutions

              • HepcoMotion System Solutions offers the user reduced design and assembly time by taking any of our products and putting them together as a complete machine solution. In addition to the actual mechanical guidance elements System Solutions includes all the necessary fixing plates, machine framework etc supplied either completely assembled or in kit form ready for reassembly on site. We have many standard design solutions to suit a variety of applications from pick and place, assembly and cutting applications to manual assembly operations. Common products used are GV3, DLS, PRT, HDS2, MCS but any product in our range can be put together to construct a machine solution. We will submit a 3D design of our solution clearly outlining our scope of supply.
              • NEW MCS Workbench and Storage Solutions

              • HepcoMotion® can supply a wide range of workbenches and storage solutions for the workplace, made from MCS - our aluminium frame building system. We can provide fast quotations and even faster delivery for the following:
                • Workbenches
                • Trolley
                • Shelving units
                • Tables & desks
                • Tool Storage