Company Profile

SPINEA is a modern Slovak engineering company, which deals with development, manufacture and sale of high precision reduction gears, which are sold under trademark TwinSpin.

The company has been established in 1994. An invention of Slovak designer was an impulse for its establishment. The first world patent was awarded in 1995 and since 2001 TwinSpin reduction gears are manufactured serially. High precision reduction gear TwinSpin belongs in a category of HI-tech products and represents unique technical solution integrating radial-axial bearing with high precision reduction gear into one compact unit.

The products of the company are intended for applications, which require high reduction-gear ratio, high kinematic precision, clearanceless run, high speed-torque capacity, high rigidity, compact construction in a limited installation area as well as low weight. They are widely used in an automation and industrial robotics, in the field of machine tools manufacture, in navigation and camera equipments, medical technics and in many other fields.

Product Range

  • Gear: Bearing reducer
  • Gear: Gearbox, heavy duty applications
  • Gear: Gearbox, ratio over 50:1
  • Gear: Gearbox, reduction gear
  • Gear: Gearbox, servo-gearboxes
  • Gear: High ratio gearbox
  • Gear: High-precision gearbox
  • Gear: Precision gearhead
  • Handling: Indexing table
  • Handling: Rotary indexing table