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Company Profile

RoboCluster is a national network for innovation within robotics and automation. The goal is to maintain and further expand the robotics sector in Denmark, by generating and ensuring optimal conditions for innovation in new, as well as existing, enterprises and mobilize robotics in existing fields such as hospitals, farming, industry, play and education. Through specific development projects and network activities, RoboCluster brings suppliers, producers, scientists and researchers together to share and develop knowledge and knowhow. The purpose is to create technical innovation, business development and scientific research that heighten market opportunities nationally and internationally. Areas in focus: RoboCluster sets focus on four areas within robotics and automation:

  1. Industrial Production
  2. Biological Production
  3. Healthcare
  4. Play and Edutainment

The RoboCluster network is composed of a consortium with the following partners:

  • University of Southern Denmark, Maersk Mc‐Kinney Moeller Institute
  • University of Aalborg, Department of Electronic Systems
  • Technical University of Denmark
  • Designskolen Kolding
  • DIRA Dansk Robot Forening (Danish Industrial Robot Association)
  • RoboCluster
  • Danish Technological Institute (Centre for Robot Technology)

Physically RoboCluster is placed at The University of Southern Denmark in Odense.

Product Range

  • Agriculture research: Intelligent sprayer boom
  • Agriculture robot research: Apple harvesting robot
  • Industrial robot research: Advanced robot grasping
  • Industrial robot research: Assembly tasks
  • Industrial robot research: Material handling
  • Mechatronics in medicine
  • Medical robotics research: Ergonomic bed transportation
  • Medical robotics research: Health robot
  • Medical robotics research: Robot for blood sampling
  • Medical robotics research: Robot nurses
  • Medical robotics research: Robotic technology to the hospital sector
  • Research in the field of medical robotics
  • Robotics research: Intelligent handling