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Business Profile

Robotnik is a company dedicated to automation and robotics engineering services, as well as industrial machinery production and R&D projects developement.

We offer high-quality services for national and international reach and are certified in:

ISO 9001:08
Design, manufacturing and commercialization of products and systems based on robotics technology.

UNE 166002:06
R&D management in the development of projects in the field of robotics.

Robotnik has a multidisciplinary engineering team, which is qualified in several fields, amongst others, informatics, manufacturing, industrial, telecommunications, mechanics...

Our main specialities are:
-Autonomous indoor transport robots and field service
robotics applications.

-Robotics products (mobile robots, robot arms, robotic hands and humanoids).

-R&D Robotics projects and special robot sytems design.

Our company won the "Jóvenes Emprendedores 2002 (Enterprising Youth Award)", given by "Fundación Bancaja", which recognizes the resourceful spirit of the company and the investment made in the development of products and services.

We have also obtained the EIBT (Innovative and High-Tech Enterprise) qualification, by the ANCES National Network, which recognizes Robotnik as a high tech company, with an innovative environment and high professional and technological formation.