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  • Offer Profile
  • The Stäubli Electrical Connectors brand is synonymous with advanced contact technology and sophisticated solutions. We provide our customers around the world with the key added values of efficiency and sustainability.
Product Portfolio
  • Multi-Contact to Become Staübli Electrical Connectors: A connection for the future

  • Multi-Contact has been a leading international manufacturer of electrical contacts and connection systems for 55 years.

    As of January 1, 2017, Multi-Contact will continue its business and services as Stäubli Electrical Connectors.

    Being part of the the Stäubli Group for 15 years, we now adopt the name and brand appearance of Stäubli. Providing latest technology and highest quality in products and customized solutions, this step will allow us to even better meet the demands of the global market.
      • Connectors

          • Industrial Connectors

          • Connectors For Utilities And Power Industries

            Our high-performance industrial connectors are designed for severe requirements in industrial environments. Equipped with our tried and tested MULTILAM they offer lowest contact resistance and extremely high current density. Our power connectors find use in a wide range of applications such as power generation and distribution, rack and panel applications, machine control systems, mobile transformers and many more. Wherever high currents need to be safely transmitted through a removable electrical connection Stäubli Electrical Connectors industrial connectors should be your preferred choice.
              • 1 Powerline

              • Round Connectors - unenclosed, single-pole, uninsulated / max. 6000A
              • 2 Powerline

              • Round Connectors - Ø 6mm, single-pole, insulated / max. 600V, 125A
              • 3 Powerline

              • Round Connectors - Ø 10mm-21mm, single-pole, insulated / max. 1000V, 1000A
              • 5 Powerline

              • MULTILAM plugs - Ø 2mm-4mm, uninsulated / max. 50A
              • Powerline Multi-pole

              • Powerline Multi-pole
                Multi-pole plug connectors
                Ø 6 mm, Ø 8 mm
                max. 1000 V, 180 A
              • Slide-inline

              • Connectors for plug-in systems - Modular system max. 600V, 300A / Fork plugs max. 600V, 1490A
              • CombiTacline

              • The modular connector system
                This allows the individual combination of various contact types in a compact frame or housing.
              • Utilitiesline

              • Rapid connection systems
              • Railwayline

              • Electrical contacts for railway technology
            • Connectors For Automatic Systems

            • Connectors For Docking Systems And Robotics

              Stäubli Electrical Connectors connector systems designed for the specific requirements of automated production facilities. Applications include manually or automatically actuated multi-couplings for docking systems, automated assembly lines, tool change systems for machining and molding equipment, and robotics. Small in size but big in performance, our automatic systems connectors feature a rugged and reliable design specifically engineered for high mating frequencies. Equipped with MULTILAM Technology for lowest contact resistance and extremely high current density.
                • Roboticline

                • Primary circuit connectors - 1000V AC, 421 A max., up to 10 kHz, UL-listed
                • 1 Dockingline

                • Connectors for multi-couplings
                • 2 Dockingline

                • Connectors for robot tool changers
              • Medical Industry Connectors

              • Medical Connectors And Accessories

                In medical technology the reliability of all components is a particularly crucial factor – in intensive care units, for instance, human life often depends directly on the performance of the connected medical equipment. Our special product line for electromedical equipment has been developed using our know-how in developing and manufacturing safety products for test and measurement, and recognizing the specific requirements of the medical industry. Featuring our unique MULTILAM Technology and gold-plated contact elements, our medical connectors provide for the very highest dependability and corrosion resistance. Our connectors are suited for steam sterilization, and are also available for disposable applications. In addition to the standard product range, we offer customized solutions for individual requirements.
                    • Medicalline

                    • Connectors and Connecting Leads in Medical Technology
                • Connectors for Renewable Energy

                • Solar Energy Connectors And Junction Boxes

                  Our attention to detail builds trust. And trust builds best results.
                  At Stäubli Electrical Connectors we make the decision easy when it comes to choosing products for your PV connection needs. With our wide range of connectors, junction boxes and cables we can get any type of PV installation connected to the sun. Rely on Stäubli Electrical Connectors innovative MULTILAM Technology for tried and trusted results that keep your PV installation up and running efficiently and safely.

                  With 120 GW connected worldwide, our experience is your advantage.
                  As a pioneer and global market leader for connectors, Stäubli Electrical Connectors has amassed over 20 years of experience in the photovoltaics industry. During this time, more than 120 GW of PV power, or more than 50% of the PV power worldwide, has been successfully installed worldwide using over 1 billion original MC4 connectors from Stäubli Electrical Connectors.
                    • Solarline

                    • Connection systems and accessories for photovoltaics. Plug connectors, junction boxes and cables.
                    • Cabling of PV Installations

                    • Minimizing your risk and maximizing your return.
                    • Dangerous counterfeits

                    • Beware of counterfeit connectors!
                  • Test and Measurement

                  • Products And Accessories For Test And Measurement

                    Over the last four decades, Stäubli Electrical Connectors - and namely its subsidiary in Essen, Germany (formerly HCK) - has become a synonym for safe, high quality test accessories worldwide. Whether for testing, measuring or diagnosis of components and systems, our innovative test accessories offer you the performance, dependability and repeatability you need. Our Test & Measurement product family includes our complete line of insulated test accessories that meet and exceed today's stringent safety requirements, our test accessories for high-frequency engineering, as well as our wide range of highly flexible wire.
                      • 1 Test&Measureline

                      • Test Accessories for Extra-Low-Voltages ( CAT O ) - Test Accessories for Experimenting, Testing and Repairing
                        30 VAC / 60 VDC
                      • 2 Test&Measureline

                      • Touch-Protected Test Accessories for Experimenting, Testing, and Repairing
                        ( CAT II / CAT III / CAT IV ) - Maximum safety up to 1000 V
                      • 4 Test&Measureline

                      • Accessories for Measurements at the Mains Supply Source ( CAT IV ) - Maximum safety up to 1000 V
                      • 5 Test&Measureline

                      • Terminals for Test and Measurement Devices - Safe accessories for test and measurement equipment according to IEC/EN 61010
                      • HFline

                      • Test Accessories for High-frequency Measurements - Oscilloscope Probes and BNC Connectors
                      • Cableline

                      • Cables & Multistrand Wires - Maximum flexibility
                    • Specials & MULTILAM

                    • Multilam Contact Band Technology And Applications

                      Among the countless types of electrical connectors from signal currents up to extremely high currents, MULTILAM stand out on the strength of excellent performance. The MULTILAM, cornerstone of MC contact technology, has virtually unlimited applications due to its design flexibility and advanced features.

                      The MULTILAM forms a contact cage inserted between two contact surfaces. It contacts the two surfaces at a large number of points, each of which acts as a "bridge" for passage of current. MULTILAM are made of specially shaped copper beryllium contact plates, and either silver, gold or nickel plated.

                      They have high current-carrying capacity in continuous and intermittent operation and perform very reliably over a broad temperature range. MULTILAM bands are available for male and female cylindrical connectors or flat contact configurations. They are also well suited for sliding contact interfaces, which require either linear or rotary movements. Contact elements with large radial tolerances and the capacity to absorb angular misalignment are also available.
                        • MULTILAMTechnology

                        • The MULTILAM Principle
                        • SuccessStories

                        • Application Examples of MULTILAM contact technology Stäubli Electrical Connectors
                        • Productline

                        • Program overview - with all catalogues of the MC Productlines
                        • Applications

                        • Special applications - for battery, medical industry, aerospace and nuclear connection solutions
                      • Markets

                          • Spot Welding

                          • Animated guide to our connector solutions for spot welding applications
                          • Railway

                          • Animated guide to our connector solutions for railway applications
                          • Photovoltaics

                          • Animated guide to our connector solutions for photovoltaic applications
                          • Aeronautics

                          • Animated guide to our connector solutions for aeronautical applications
                          • Healthcare Technology

                          • Our solutions for medical technology, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment ...
                          • Measurement & Testing

                          • Our solutions for laboratory test and measurements, process control or quality inspection ...
                          • Electronics & Communication

                          • Solutions for Electronics and Communication on request
                          • Defence

                          • Solutions for Defence and civil protection equipment on request
                          • Energy

                          • Our solutions for energy, power utility, transmission or distribution ...